Keir Starmer: “We want to be the party of power and not of protest” | EUROtoday

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Without fanfare and with excessive warning, as he has been doing all through the marketing campaign, Keir Starmer Has promised “stability and growth” on the launch of the Labor Party's election manifesto. A younger activist skipped the script and loudly accused him of copy “the old policies of the tories. The chief of the opposition has replied, with out taking off his glasses: “We were the party of protest, now we want to be the party of power”.

“Youth deserve better,” might be learn on the banner displayed by the activist, who was silenced and expelled on the march on the electoral occasion in Manchester. In her position as 'Captain Caution', Starmer thanked the younger lady and her total technology for the assist they gave her 5 years in the past, however burdened that the laborism has to “change to be able to win”.

In the ultimate stretch of the occasion, throughout query time, the Labor chief even boasted of getting expelled Jeremy Corbyn from the celebration, as proof of the “change” he aspires to implement within the nation. Still, he has not hesitated to paraphrase the previous slogan of his radical predecessor…

“The toxic idea that economic growth is something delivered to the many by the few has to be left behind. Today we definitely turn the page. 'Redistribution' cannot remain a one-word plan for the cities and poorest areas of the country (…). “We are going to indicate that progress and social justice can go hand in hand.”

Starmer has acknowledged from the outset that He doesn't have “a magic wand” to immediately turn around economic situation. “I’m a candidate for prime minister and never the director of a circus,” she warned. “For those that like pantomime politics, I've heard that Clacton is an effective place,” he said in a very direct reference to the leader of Reform UK, Nigel Farage.

“I'm not going to tug a rabbit out of a hat both. providing issues what can’t be fulfilled attributable to lack of public funds, as has been carried out Rishi Sunak“Starmer stressed. “The Conservative chief doesn’t appear to have discovered the lesson of Liz Truss when he endangered the financial system,” he added.

“The United Kingdom wants stability and no extra chaos,” was Starmer's brief message in a speech lasting just over 20 minutes without risking the slightest, aware of his 20-point advantage that the polls continue to show. “We want a complete change of course: We are dealing with the intense process of rebuilding the nation“, he pointed out.

Starmer has acknowledged that he wants “a transparent mandate” at the polls, with a parliamentary majority that will allow him to implement his agenda of “wealth creation” for all Britons. The Labor leader has criticized the “cynicism” of the 'Tory' campaign which has warned of the risk of “a one-party socialist state” in the United Kingdom and has warned that not a single vote has yet been cast for the July 4 election.

The Labor leader has referred to his party's five “missions” contained in the manifesto – economic growth, clean energy, crime reduction, education reform and public health for the future – but has avoided putting big electoral promises on the tabledespite lingering doubts among voters about what his plans really are if he reaches Downing Street.

The Labor leader has not even made an effort to refute the disputed figure of a hypothetical tax increase of 2,000 pounds per year per family (2,350 euros) insistently launched against him by Rishi Sunak. Starmer has insisted, however, that there will be no increases in income tax, social security contributions, VAT or corporation tax in a hypothetical Labor Government.

The elimination of the “non-domiciled” status, the increase in the transfer tax for foreigners who acquire property in the United Kingdom or the increase in the tax on extraordinary profits for gas and oil companies are, in their opinion, sufficient to achieve extra income. equivalent to 8.5 billion euros to finance the reconstruction of public services. “All our proposals within the manifesto are supported by public funds,” she stressed. “I can guarantee you that there might be no return to austerity.”

“We are pro-business and pro-worker,” the Labor leader has warned. “Wealth creation is our primary precedence…Too many individuals really feel insecure. The nation has misplaced its steadiness. “It is very difficult for people to get ahead and opportunities are not distributed equitably.”

Starmer has lastly acknowledged that immigration is “too high”has blamed the conservative authorities for “having lost control” and has introduced the creation of a Border Control Command to deal with unlawful crossings of the English Channel and the combat towards human trafficking gangs.

Brexit has as soon as once more been left within the pipeline. Starmer, as soon as a supporter of permanence and even a defender of holding a second referendum, has prevented in any respect prices referring to the phrase taboo within the marketing campaign.