Punches and kicks in Congress in Italy in a brawl that ends with two injured | EUROtoday

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Fire local weather within the Italian Chamber the place the debate of the differentiated autonomy invoice. Throughout the day the opposition, united, bombards the reform of the Northern League. And after displaying banners, choirs singing the Mameli anthem, the nationwide anthem, and Oh stunning hi therethe anthem of the anti-fascist resistance, waving tricolor flags, suspensions and expulsions, late within the afternoon Leonardo Donno, of the 5 Star Movement (M5S), was crushed by Igor Iezzi, of the league. Donno felt unhealthy and was taken out of the Chamber of Deputies, within the Palace of Montecitorio, in a Wheelchair. An usher who intervened to attempt to restore order was additionally injured.

Donno has promised to denounce the information. “I received kicks and punches from Iezzi, Candiani, Cangiano, Amich and Mollicone. The blows I received in the sternum They left me breathless. I collapsed, struggling to breathe. I was afraid. “They needed to give me an electrocardiogram seven or eight instances.” The doctors had to treat the 5-Star deputy. The blows, according to Donno and other opposition deputies, came from deputies of the Northern League and the Brothers of Italy (FdI). “In the movies of the combat you possibly can see the ring and the blows.”Report them, it was a squad attack“he stated. For his half, The League denies it. “It was Donno who attacked Calderoli (Minister of Regional and Autonomous Affairs). “The commotion was attributable to him.”

Donno, in full protest provoked by the entire united opposition, descended towards the Government seats with the tricolor flag that he had waved until that moment e intent tell it to Roberto Calderoli , Northern League minister responsible for differentiated autonomy. According to the followers of the Northern League, he tried to surround them. The president of the Chamber, Lorenzo Fontana, by regulation, urged the parliamentary secretaries to stop him and declared the expulsion of Donno. Some right-wing parliamentarians, however, They rushed to the Government seats to intervene personallysurrounding his opponent, while Fontana suspended the procedure for the umpteenth time.

Nicola Fratoiannifrom the Alliance of the Greens and the Left (Avs), was the first to reconstruct the episode: “Iezzi repeatedly hit Donno with punches to the top, inflicting him to fall to the bottom. . The 5 Star one required the intervention of paramedics who took him away in a wheelchair. An worker was additionally injured.

A very serious and shameful attack“stated the president of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte. “We ask for serious and immediate measures. This is squadism perpetrated within the institutions, tarnishes our democracy and qualifies those who carried it out,” Conte stated. “Hands off us, hands off our tricolor. You will not pass. Too bad,” he added. The centrists of Italia Viva spoke out towards the “serious attack.” “Frightening scenes worthy of a salon fight,” declared the nationwide coordinator of Italia Viva, Raffaella Shirt.

Massimo Bitonci , undersecretary of the Northern League, nonetheless corrects Fratoianni's story. “He was in the government banks and I didn't see any punches, just pushes. Donno hugged the minister, his gesture was violent, “he defined. Even for Federico Mollicone, Brothers of Italy (FdI) “the outrageous and disrespectful gesture was that of Donno. And the hits you see within the video? “Donno fell to the ground and made a scene.“. However, The movies present Iezzi's try (it isn’t clear if he succeeded) to hit his colleague within the head together with his clenched fists. .

Elly Schlein, current within the Chamber, affirms that it’s “impossible to resume work” in a “growing climate of verbal and even physical violence.” In reality, in the course of the Montecitorio session, the Northern League deputy, Domenico Furgiuele, had already been expelled. And to the chief of the democratic group Chiara Bragawho was busy along with her speech, peremptorily shouted at her “shut up”, which for Stefano Graziano is “sign of a return of the squad.”

The secretary of the Democratic Party highlighted episodes that, much more so “a few days before the centenary ceremony of Matteotti's murder, should not and cannot be seen in this chamber. Let them not think about stopping our rights to oppose the reforms with those that divide Italy and distort the Constitution,” he warned.

Andrea Orlando's remark was additionally very harsh. “Donno, already on the ground, was kicked by deputies from the League and the FdI. I have never seen anything like this. This is the parliament that deals with the affairs of Giorgia.”

However, the bulk additionally responded by closing ranks. The president of the Lega group within the Chamber, Riccardo Molinarirated the episode “parliamentary dynamics”. The FdI counterpart, Tommaso Foti, solid suspicions towards the opposition: ” The Democratic Party and 5 Stars want to ruin the G-7 for Giorgia Meloni “.