The PSOE grants Junts a brand new 'Catalonia clause' in order that Puigdemont doesn’t overturn its legal guidelines | EUROtoday

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Junts has come to assistance from the Government and has agreed in extremis to withdraw all the modification that it had introduced in opposition to the legislation that created the Spanish Copyright Office. The formation of Puigdemont thus saves the Executive, which as we speak was confronted, as soon as once more, with seeing how one among its legislative tasks didn’t prosper. Faced with this danger, the Government had even thought of the opportunity of withdrawing the rule on the final minute in order to not face a brand new parliamentary failure after having been pressured to withdraw the Land invoice as a result of lack of assist or having needed to vote in opposition to it. favor of the PP's invoice on Foreign Action to keep away from being left alone.

The withdrawal of the neo-convergent veto responds, in precept, to the promise by the Executive to respect “always” and any longer what Junts calls the “Catalan amendment” which consists, they are saying, of the “guarantee of shielding of all the powers of Catalonia”.

Deputy Eduard Pujol He has refused to clarify to the press the main points of the “intense negotiation” that his group claims to have had with the Government, nor how the aforementioned “Catalan amendment” will probably be included within the textual content of the legislation.

Pujol has restricted himself to emphasizing that from this second on, this “shielding” of the powers of the Generalitat will probably be contemplated in all of the initiatives that the Government intends to approve, underneath penalty of Junts not providing them its important assist.

“After having published in the BOE The Amnesty law means continuing with the work. Junts puts at the service of Catalonia a certain way of negotiating which consists of that, as long as it depends on us, no law will be approved that does not strengthen and respect Catalonia. If they do so they will have the positive vote of Junts, otherwise our vote will be a 'no',” Pujol said.

“This respect,” he added, “must be translated into the literality of the texts that are presented. Things will not go back to the way they were before, our vote is fundamental. The vote of Junts is fundamental and we will do things in a way different to shield Catalan powers. The negotiation has not been easy but it has been worth it. We have introduced a new mechanism that from now on will be familiar to you and it is the 'Catalan clause' according to which the powers of the Generalitat will always be respected. “The Government should perceive that these authorized texts that don’t respect it is not going to have the vote of Junts.”

According to Puigdemont's formation, the law creating the Spanish Copyright Office would have represented “completely unacceptable interference.” Now, the seven neo-convergent deputies emphasize their decision to dedicate all their “parliamentary energy” to “shielding Catalan powers.” And in that sense, they assure that the “Catalonia modification” will have to “at all times be utilized.”