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Nigel Farage teases chief of the opposition credentials as he makes Tory social gathering declaration

Nigel Farage has claimed the Conservative Party is “about to implode” as his Reform UK social gathering overtook the Tories within the newest YouGov ballot.

In his closing speech of the seven-way ITV debate on Thursday night time, the Reform chief mentioned: “Britain is broken, everyone knows it and Britain needs Reform.

“Rishi Sunak won’t do it, he’ll probably be in California by then anyway. And the Tory Party is split down the middle and about to implode in this election.”

It comes as he declared that his Reform Party is “now the opposition to Labour” after a YouGov ballot printed by The Times confirmed them one per cent above the Conservatives.

“Just before we came on air we overtook the Conservatives in the national opinion polls,” Mr Farage mentioned, as he made his opening speech throughout an ITV debate. “We are now the opposition to Labour.”

Immigration, training and taxes have been the centrepiece subjects for the seven-way debate with Angela Rayner, Labour’s deputy chief, taking the brunt of the opposite leaders’ questions.


Sunak responds to Reform ballot lead over Tories

Rishi Sunak has responded to final night time’s YouGov ballot outcome putting Reform forward of the Tories for the primary time.

The prime minister claimed: “We are only halfway through this election, So I’m still fighting very hard for every vote.

“And what that poll shows is – the only poll that matters is the one on July 4 – but if that poll was replicated on July 4, it would be handing Labour a blank cheque to tax everyone, tax their home, their pension, their car, their family, and I’ll be fighting very hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“And actually, when I’ve been out and about talking to people, they do understand that a vote for anyone who is not a Conservative candidate is just a vote to put Keir Starmer in No 10.

“So if you want action on lower taxes, lower migration, protected pensions or a sensible approach to net zero you’re only going to get that by voting Conservative.”

(Christopher Furlong/PA Wire)

Salma Ouaguira14 June 2024 08:46


Streeting: Reform is a part of Tory psychodrama

The shadow well being secretary has reacted to the information that Reform Uk has overtaking the Tories within the polls.

Mr Streeting has been requested on Sky News Breakfast whether or not Reform may turn into their new opposition in the event that they win the election.

The Labour candidate mentioned: “Reform is very much part of the Tory party psychodrama. We’ve seen Conservative candidates like Andrea Jenkyns putting Nigel Farage positively on her leaflets instead of her own leader.

“We have to bear in mind if we have another Conservative government that is the kind of chaos and division we are going to have for another five years. The country can’t afford that.”

But he vowed to “take Reform on in the battle of ideas and the battle of arguments”.

He added: “I urge people to bear in mind that Nigel Farage is a formidable campaigner, I don’t doubt that, don’t underestimate him.

“But he has never had to deliver the change that he always says he is calling for. He has never been tested as a politician and he is never been elected for Parliament.”

Wes Streeting speaking on Sky News Breakfast
Wes Streeting talking on Sky News Breakfast (Sky News)

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Holly Valance helps Reform ‘raise £1.5m within days’

Salma Ouaguira14 June 2024 08:30