Shego, the rockers you must maintain monitor of: “We never wanted to look like She Dances Alone” | EUROtoday

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The story of Shego born from the need to emulate the loopy and unbridled lifetime of the good rock stars. A summer season, Maite Gallardo I used to be working in an workplace as a secretary. She was bored, she saved watching movies on social media of bands taking part in reside and she or he thought why not? She uploaded a narrative on her Instagram asking if anybody amongst her contacts wish to type a bunch. She then obtained a WhatsApp. She was Raquel Cerro.

– Aunt! How do you set that on Insta and never inform me something?

“We had known each other for a long time and at that moment we started talking to get it on track because we had no idea. We had up to two days of mandatory rehearsal a week. After the quarantine it became a full band, although Charlotte [Augusteijn] came later,” says Maite.

The three at the moment make up this group that Spotify you could have chosen in your listing of 'Radar Artists' to remember in 2024. For now, they’ve already performed on phases akin to Bilbao BBK Live or Sonorama and have collaborated with Zahara or Natalia Lacunza.

“Raquel and I never wanted to be alone,” he continues. “We had the idea in our head of a band. We wanted to do punk and rock. Louder sounds. We didn't want to look like She Dances Alone. That they are fine, but we didn't want that,” he explains. Therefore, they started to satisfy with associates and take a look at totally different collaborations. Finally, Aroa Ay and Irene Garri, at the moment with solo initiatives, joined the band. “Charlotte arrived in the position from Irene, who was the bassist. We did a casting, although I personally had a preference for her because I knew her from Uni. We have studied Fine Arts together,” Raquel confesses with amusement.

His lyrics are conventional, informal, contemporary and with out filters. “We don't have a specific objective and that makes the songs varied and come from such different points,” says Charlotte earlier than Maite reveals some particulars of her subsequent album for example. “There is heartbreak, self-love, anger and anger. There are also moments when we choose to be the anti-heroines of our own lives. It's like an energy of: 'today I came and chose violence.“, he says whereas Raquel is heard from behind stating in virtually adolescent slang “Literaaaalch!”.

What they do search, and confess that it’s one thing premeditated from the start, is “let the narrative be ambiguous”. “I was very clear that I did not want to speak feminine and that I didn't want it to be intuited whether the story was being sung by a man or a woman.. This seemed very important to me,” explains Maite. “It's shit because girls don't stop consuming things because they speak from a male perspective. It's something we've always done because there was no other. However, Men often stop consuming feminine art because they do not feel identified.“, Add.

In any case, they are saying that there are an increasing number of youngsters at their live shows. Although the bulk public is clearly totally different. “Normally there is our first row of lesbians. The best”says Rachel. “Then there are many young people, but there is always a group of older women who are all very excited and come to tell us things at the end. They are very nice. It never fails: there are the lesbians and them,” she provides. “They can also be lesbians, of course,” Charlotte factors out.

Furthermore, the latter remembers the anecdote of a fan who made them cry final summer season. The younger lady stated that, due to them, she had regained her want to see reside music. “I imagine that the Male rock bands generally have a tough audience and you're there waiting to see when they're going to nudge you. Or maybe you can't even see because there are a lot of 30-year-old guys who are 1'85 and they get in front of you because they want to see their Britney Spears on duty. They just want to sweat and scream a lot. I understand that in our concerts there is more respect or sensitivity and that is why they are comfortable. It's very cool,” Maite displays.

Unanimously, All three declare to really feel that they aren’t taken severely.. “They haven't given us a shitty comment on stage, but they do see us as little girls who have picked up some instruments and are playing at making music,” explains Raquel. “A little bird has also told us that In the world it is said that we do not make our music. That we are cute girls dressing modern and there is a mind behind that controls everything. You never think about that about a guy,” provides Maite.

Where they do acknowledge clear – and crucial – assistance is of their beginnings. “If you don't have money you can't record a rock album. We are now with Ernie Records, with Josinho, who we love very much. But if it's not because of him…”, Raquel particulars.

And Maite goes additional: “In fact, the first demos were recorded for us by Salva Cucart, from Chill Chicos, in his dormitory, which is still a private area. At no time can you go to a public studio at 20 years old to do rock because it is prohibited. It is not provided. There are a lot of bands of crazy kids that make fucking music and I think it's amazing.. But it's shit that more facilities are given to those who have money.”.

“Staying to have two beers after a concert is the most rocking thing we do”

Among the issues which can be working via their minds proper now could be discovering the proper tone on their social networks – “it always seems like you're giving a face that isn't real. We're not going to start recording in an anxiety attack, but don't everything is how pretty and how cool”, they are saying – along with sustaining the nice vibes inside the band.

Nobody prepares you to your associates to even be the coworkers you see every single day of the week. And what concerning the rocker life they longed for? It looks as if little or no.

“Staying to have two or three beers after a concert is the most rocking thing we do. That sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, nothing“, laughs Raquel. “Let's see, some party or other there is. But I imagine that you need a lot of substances for the body to endure because you can't go three days without stopping with just beers and pitis,” Maite provides earlier than settling: “What caught my attention when I was 20 years old when I saw singers who slept in a van and gave a sweaty concert, it's not cool at all. In fact, the van thing is not fun at all. Not even sleeping in hotels is“.