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Indexation of wages to inflation, improve within the minimal wage, repeal of unemployment insurance coverage and pension reforms: leaders of the left united below the New Popular Front banner unveiled the primary measures of their widespread program on Friday.

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The left-wing forces, united within the New Popular Front, detailed, Friday June 14, throughout a press convention, the “government program”. A “breakthrough” program concluded Thursday night after 4 days of intense negotiations.

Indexation of wages to inflation, improve within the minimal wage, repeal of unemployment insurance coverage reforms: the textual content contains round 100 measures, indicated LFI MEP Manon Aubry on franceinfo.

The latter can also be divided into a number of durations: the primary – “the break” should final 15 days, the second will prolong over the primary 100 days for “the summer of bifurcations”, will then come “the following months”, ” transformations”, particulars the motion in a protracted press launch.

“We will immediately adopt 20 acts of rupture to respond to the social emergency, the climate challenge, the repair of public services, a path to appeasement in France and in the world”, we are able to learn within the introduction to the primary shutter.

  • Repeal of the unemployment insurance coverage reform

“The very first measure, I think it is the repeal of this unemployment insurance reform,” introduced outgoing LFI deputy Éric Coquerel on RMC on Friday morning. The authorities plans to tighten the compensation guidelines for job seekers by July 1, which “could push even more people into poverty in this country,” mentioned the elected official.

  • Bring retirement again to 60

Same destiny promised to the pension reform, which raised the authorized retirement age to 64 years. In the left's program, “there will be written both the repeal of the pension reform and the return to retirement at 60”, affirmed the spokesperson for the Communist Party, Ian Brossat, on Public Senate .

  • Fight in opposition to poverty

The left's widespread program additionally plans to “block the prices of basic necessities”, or to index salaries but in addition retirement pensions to inflation, particulars the motion in a press launch. The minimal wage, for its half, would improve to 1,600 euros web.

  • “Repair Utilities”


  • “Defend Ukraine and peace on the European continent”

Internationally, the New Popular Front claims to wish to “defend Ukraine and peace on the European continent.” Among the measures talked about: “the delivery of necessary weapons”, “the cancellation of Ukraine's external debt”, “the seizure of the assets of the oligarchs who contribute to the Russian war effort” and even “the sending peacekeepers to secure nuclear power plants.”

  • Acting for a ceasefire in Gaza

On the problem of the battle between Israel and Hamas, the New Popular Front claims to wish to break with “the guilty support of the French government for the government of Benjamin Netanyahu” to be able to “impose an immediate ceasefire in Gaza”.

It additionally requires “immediate recognition of the State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel on the basis of UN resolutions.”

  • CAP reform, section 2 of the Green Deal, superprofit tax…

At the European stage, the New Popular Front has additionally detailed a number of measures, notably linked to ecological points. Among them, a “phase 2 of the Green Deal”, or perhaps a “reform of the CAP”, “the end of free trade treaties” and even “a generalization of the taxation of superprofits.”