Aznar vindicates the Transition towards Sánchez's companions: “Spain will prevail against those who want to break coexistence” | EUROtoday

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The former president of the Government, Jos Mara Aznar, has regretted in Jaraz de la Vera (Cceres) that every thing that the Spanish transition meant in direction of “an exemplary democracy for many places in the world” is named into query and has said that “Spain will prevail against all those who want to break the constitutional order and coexistence.”

He expressed himself on this means on this municipality throughout his speech at an inauguration ceremony and elevating of the Spanish flag, after yesterday attending the presentation of the Carlos V European Prize within the monastery of San Jerónimo de Yuste, in Cuacos de Yuste. to the previous president of the European Central Bank (ECB) and former president of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Italy Mario Draghi.

Aznar has been proud to take part on this occasion, to guarantee that he was “the inspiration who practically materialized” the well-known Spanish flag that shines within the Plaza de Colón in Madrid.

At a time when those that imagine within the Spanish flag must endure “so many insults, disqualification and so many agreements that go against the general interest,” he stated, he has appealed to maintain the nation's historical past in thoughts: “Any nation that wants to You cannot have a good future ahead if you are not aware of the past.

Along these lines, he has assured that the history of the world cannot be told without “a small handful of nations, that are not more than three or 4, one in every of them Spain.”

The greatness of the country is demonstrated, in his opinion, by figures such as Charles V, who retired in the aforementioned monastery of Yuste, emperor of the “empire on which the solar by no means set”, in his opinion, unmatched in “dimension”. , and the figure of the Extremaduran conqueror Hernán Cortés, “one of many best political geniuses in historical past.”


“Being conscious of that historical past is important,” said Aznar, who believes that it is necessary to know “our roots higher than ever and be pleased with them to have the ability to chart an ideal future for Spain,” he said.

A future that, he stated, “started to be drawn 50 years in the past” with the Spanish transition, in which citizens opted “for reconciliation, coexistence, encounter, unity and for nice shared targets”, a “success “that transformed Spain politically, socially, economically and institutionally, and that brought “an exemplary democracy for a lot of locations on the planet.”

In his opinion, today they want to call all that into question: “The very existence of the Spanish nation, the historic continuity of Spain itself, our authorized transition and the constitutional order”, headed by the crown, and “magnificently by King Felipe “I am about to complete ten years of reign.”

Aznar has been satisfied that there’s “a majority of Spaniards” who will likely be actively towards this and in favor of attaining “a better future for all of Spain” from unity.

“Spain will prevail against those who want to destroy it, divide it, break our constitutional order and our coexistence,” he added.

The mayor of Jaraz de la Vera, Luis Miguel Nez, and the Councilor for the Presidency, Interior and Social Dialogue of the Board, Abel Bautista, additionally participated within the occasion, who invited the Spanish flag, a logo, to be displayed with delight and with out complexes. “of unity and equality among all Spaniards”