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The program of the left alliance between socialists, ecologists, communists and rebels for the legislative elections of June 30 and July 7 was introduced on Friday. The alternative to test whether or not the circumstances set at first of the week by Raphaël Glucksmann have been revered and to investigate whether or not the road is nearer to that taken by La France insoumise or to that of the top of the Place publique-Socialist Party record. European.

“We are not going to remake the Nupes”, affirmed Raphaël Glucksmann, Monday June 10, after the announcement by the Socialist Party (PS), Europe-Écologie-Les Verts (EELV), the Communist Party (PCF) and La France insoumise (LFI) of their want to unite for the legislative elections (June 30 and July 7) inside the New Popular Front. Four days later and this system of this alliance now revealed, it’s clear that it is rather just like that proposed in 2022 by the New Ecological and Social People's Union (Nupes).

Arriving first on the left within the European elections of June 9 with 13.83% of the votes, the top of the record of the PS and Place publique hoped to have the ability to stop an alliance with the rebels, whom he has bitterly opposed in latest months, or at the very least an alliance which might be too marked by an LFI line, as was the Nupes program. To do that, he listed 5 circumstances which needed to be revered in order that he might help the New Popular Front – which he lastly agreed to do on Friday June 14: help for European building, army assist for the Ukrainian resistance, suppression of pension and unemployment insurance coverage reform, acceleration of the ecological transition, refusal of the brutalization of public debate. To these have been added lastly the qualification of Hamas as a “terrorist group” and the query of anti-Semitism, not listed by Raphaël Glucksmann however usually current in his remarks.

  • Support for European building

“I am the guarantor of a course. I promised it to the 3.5 million voters who voted on our list. This course will not change,” insisted Raphaël Glucksmann on June 10 on the 8 p.m. from France 2.

Despite its promise, the phrases “support for European construction” don’t seem within the widespread program of the New Popular Front. The left alliance makes proposals on Europe indicating a want to remodel it, however doesn’t present unconditional help which might not specify which European Union the New Popular Front needs to maneuver in the direction of.

On the opposite, if the textual content doesn’t use the time period “disobedience” current within the Nupes program, the phrases used nonetheless imply roughly the identical factor: “In accordance with what our groups voted in the National Assembly, we will refuse, for the application of our legislative contract, the budgetary pact, competition law when it calls into question public services and we will reject free trade treaties”, we will learn.

It is subsequently the road of the Nupes program which is maintained. Raphaël Glucksmann can nonetheless think about that this line, even when it’s not his, marks help for the development of one other European Union (a brand new Common Agricultural Policy, a reindustrialization of Europe particularly) and expresses the desire to create taxation of the richest and superprofits at European stage – which corresponds to a step in the direction of the federalism pricey to Place publique however rejected by LFI.

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  • Military assist to the Ukrainian resistance

This situation posed by Raphaël Glucksmann is slightly revered, this system of the New Popular Front proposing to “defend Ukraine and peace on the European continent”. “To stop Vladimir Putin's war of aggression, and for him to answer for his crimes before international justice: unwaveringly defend the sovereignty and freedom of the Ukrainian people as well as the integrity of its borders, through the delivery of necessary weapons, the cancellation of its foreign debt, the seizure of the assets of the oligarchs who contribute to the Russian war effort within the framework permitted by international law, the sending of blue helmets to secure the nuclear power plants, in a international context of tensions and war on the European continent and work for the return of peace”, it’s written.

On the opposite hand, this system doesn’t point out the idea of “European defense” – it doesn’t point out the function of NATO and France's relationship with NATO both – and insists on the necessity to make peace, which appeared in this system of La France insoumise for the European elections.

  • Abolition of pension reform and unemployment insurance coverage

This situation posed no downside, all of the events of the New Popular Front having fought the pension reform in 2023 and the unemployment insurance coverage reform in 2024. It was extra meant to point out for Raphaël Glucksmann that he’s not placing apart the social wrestle, a criticism which was made to him loads, particularly by the rebels, in the course of the European marketing campaign.

These repeals are additionally among the many “20 acts of rupture to respond to the social emergency, the climate challenge, the repair of public services, a path to appeasement in France and in the world” that intends to implement the left alliance throughout its first fifteen days in energy, “so that life changes from the summer of 2024”.

And it’s exactly within the financial and social area that this “program of rupture” is most marked by the road taken for years by La France insoumise. One instance amongst many others: this system proposes to “abolish the privileges of billionaires” in the course of the vote on an amending finance invoice which can be held on August 4, a reference to the abolition of privileges and rights feudal rights voted on the night time of August 4, 1789 – Jean-Luc Mélenchon and LFI contemplating themselves the heirs of the French Revolution.

  • Acceleration of the ecological transition

Here once more, this level was unanimous among the many left-wing events, who plan throughout their first 100 days in energy to “start ecological planning”. This will notably contain a local weather plan aimed toward carbon neutrality in 2050, full insulation of housing, the strengthening of French and European sectors for the manufacturing of renewable energies and even the vote on an energy-climate regulation.

On the opposite hand, on this final level, the extremely delicate query of nuclear energy, which divides the 4 events, is just not addressed in any respect within the doc. A query that may nonetheless should be resolved, Emmanuel Macron having as soon as once more promised on June 12 the development of eight new reactors in France.

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  • Refusal of the brutalization of public debate

The final situation of Raphaël Glucksmann is totally not addressed by the widespread program of the New Popular Front. And for good cause, it’s not a authorities proposal, however slightly a political line of conduct.

If he was not named, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and his technique of “sound and fury” is clearly the goal of this criticism. No official assertion has been made within the sense desired by the boss of Place publique, however everybody has seen that Jean-Luc Mélenchon has sought in latest days to appease his companions. He first stated, Wednesday June 12 at 8 p.m. on France 2, concerning the put up of Prime Minister: “I am not eliminating myself, but I am not imposing myself.” Then the following day, responding to the invitation from TF1 and France 2 who needed to arrange a debate between Gabriel Attal, Jordan Bardella and himself, the rebellious chief responded on the social community but designated its Prime Minister candidate, it’s subsequently as much as the leaders of the most important events in our coalition to go to any such debate.

A manner of stepping again which contrasts with the legislative marketing campaign of 2022. Nupes was then born after Jean-Luc Mélenchon's enchantment to the French, between the 2 rounds of the presidential election, to 'elect' Prime Minister and clearly rested on his shoulders. He had additionally written the introduction to the Nupes program. This time, the preamble to the New Popular Front mission was not signed.

  • The warfare in Gaza and anti-Semitism

These final factors didn’t seem within the circumstances set by Raphaël Glucksmann however have been usually put ahead. “I will be intractable. There will be no reduction in anti-Semitism,” he stated once more on Friday morning on France Inter.

In reality, this query is addressed in this system. “At a time when the extreme right is threatening, we recall that racist, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic words and actions are spreading throughout society and experiencing a worrying, unprecedented explosion. No tolerance is required in the face of these threats and to these behaviors wherever they come from”, it is written on page 11 of the document. The phrase “disturbing explosion” is a direct response to the feedback written by Jean-Luc Mélenchon in his weblog notice of June 2, through which he estimated that “anti-Semitism remains residual in France”.

“Anti-Semitism has a tragic historical past in our nation which should not be repeated. All those that propagate hatred of Jews have to be fought. We will suggest an interministerial plan to investigate, stop and struggle towards anti-Semitism in France, significantly in class and towards its results on the lives of the populations who are suffering from it,” he added.

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On the opposite hand, this system additionally mentions “Islamophobic” acts and speeches, a time period utilized by La France insoumise however which was till now refuted by the Socialist Party and by Place publique. “We will propose an interministerial plan to analyze, prevent and fight against Islamophobia in France, and against its effects on those who suffer it.”

Concerning the October 7, 2023 assault in Israel, the New Popular Front program speaks of “Hamas terrorist massacres”, however the motion itself is just not described as “terrorist”.

As for the continuing warfare in Gaza, the left-wing alliance needs to “break with the French government's culpable support for Netanyahu's far-right supremacist government to impose an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and enforce the order of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) which unambiguously evokes a risk of genocide”. Here once more, the road is extra that of LFI, which has been speaking about “genocide” in Gaza for a number of months, when Raphaël Glucksmann has all the time refused to take action.