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Status: 15.06.2024 16:45

According to a media report, the Federal Ministry of Transport needs to chop investments in transport routes. Billions are to be saved, particularly on motorways. Environmental teams complain about inconsistency.

The Federal Ministry of Transport is outwardly planning huge cuts in investments in transport routes. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS) reviews, citing a authorities draft of the federal price range, that cuts will run into billions. The Ministry of Transport not directly confirmed this and referred to the “current budget situation and necessary savings”. Environmentalists sensed a “media coup”.

According to the FAS report, Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) needs to chop funding for the federal Autobahn GmbH from the beforehand deliberate 6.29 billion euros to 4.99 billion euros for the approaching 12 months. Further cuts of 1 billion euros every are deliberate for 2026 and 2027, and 378 million euros are to be saved for 2028.

Investment wants is greater than “financially viable”

The Ministry of Transport defined that the funding requirement was “higher than is currently financially viable”. This affected “all modes of transport, i.e. road (motorways and federal highways), rail and waterways equally”. The investments in transport infrastructure deliberate by the Ministry, nonetheless, remained at document ranges.

The spokeswoman for the Ministry of Transport referred to the continued inside authorities coordination of the 2025 price range and the monetary planning for the next years. “It is our goal to further increase investments in transport infrastructure within the framework of the available budget funds,” he added. “This explicitly also applies to investments in motorways and federal highways.”

Less cash for Autobahn GmbH

According to the FAS, the cuts imply that Autobahn GmbH will obtain dramatically much less cash than it truly wants in line with its personal calculations. According to the corporate's inside figures, 4.1 billion euros can be brief by 2028.

The German Construction Industry Association sharply criticized the cuts. Association President Peter Hübner instructed the FAS: “The sad tradition of Germany cutting costs and ruining its roads and bridges is unfortunately continuing.” The deliberate cuts would “provoke further speed limits due to road damage, lane closures and even more potholes.”

Environmental organizations see inconsistency and “trick”

The environmental group Greenpeace described the financial savings plans as “refreshingly honest.” However, Wissing should additionally “put all new construction projects on hold and have them reviewed,” added Greenpeace transport professional Benjamin Stephan. “With current figures, such as increased construction costs, most of the planned projects are no longer economical.”

The environmental group BUND, nonetheless, suspected a ruse: “First they stir up fears, as with the supposedly impending weekend driving bans, and then present a supposed solution,” defined Jens Hilgenberg. “In this case, the FDP ministers are probably trying to push through their plan for an infrastructure fund with money from private investors.” There are many arguments in opposition to such a plan, not least the truth that the FDP needs to push ahead “nature-destructive and climate-damaging” new motorway development initiatives.