The PP requests the pressing look of the presidents of Renfe and Adif within the face of the “chaos of the railway transport network” | EUROtoday

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He PP has requested the pressing look of the presidents of Renfe y Adif to account for the “railway chaos in Spain” and the “worsening of Renfe's punctuality commitment.” It additionally requests that the Government report on the results of its “lack of action, investment and maintenance of the railway network” and, however, request the looks of the Minister of Industry to present explanations concerning the resignation of the president of Anfac.

Already on May 20, the Autonomous Communities ruled by the People's Party They requested the minister Scar Bridge the pressing convening of the sectoral convention to handle, along with the street transport concession map that entails cuts within the companies dedicated till now, the “regrettable state of the railway network and the continuous incidents that occur.”

In their letter, the PP Communities knowledgeable the minister that “constant and recurring incidents in certain railway services” had been noticed for a number of months and not using a rigorous rationalization of what occurred and with out measures being adopted to supply a definitive resolution. by the Ministry.

Only between June 3 and June 13 there have been greater than 338 incidencesaffecting greater than 67,500 passengers daily and recognizing greater than 10,377 compensation funds, in accordance with the info offered by the PP.

“It is a scandal that Puente has not listened to the Communities nor has anyone given explanations about it. It is evident that the Government does not govern and no one can be surprised by the constant incidents and railway chaos if the Government, in addition to not governing in 6 years, has extended the budgets four times,” highlights the PP deputy secretary of Economy, Juan Bravo. “That is, due to its inability to approve budgets, the investment and maintenance items of the railway network have been seriously affected. These are the direct damages of an Executive that does not govern,” he added.

In this sense, the Popular Party fears that Renfe's announcement to change the situations of its punctuality dedication and its refund coverage within the majority of its railway companies – beginning subsequent July 1, “due to a delay equal to or greater than within 60 minutes, 50% of the ticket will be refunded and, if the delay exceeds 90 minutes, the refund will be 100% of the ticket amount”—has to do with the “chaos in which the railway service is involved.”

“That is, we are facing a worsening of punctuality commitment from Renfe therefore, for the refund of 50% of the amount, the necessary delay time goes from the current 15 or 30 minutes – depending on the railway service in question – to 60; and to refund the full amount of the ticket, the current 30 or 60 minutes go from having to exceed 90 minutes,” says the Deputy Secretary of Economy.

“Instead of fixing the problem, which is what they are paid to do, they dedicate themselves to putting their incompetence on users,” provides Juan Bravo.