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IThey dared! Yes, flouting their ideas, denying their ethical values ​​and betraying even their very own voters – the supporters of social democracy, together with myself – the leaders of the Socialist Party (PS) have subsequently allied themselves, within the “New Front popular” – which isn’t something apart from an indigestible rehash of NUPES –, with this assortment, with a couple of honorable exceptions, of anti-Semites, Islamo-leftists, pro-Hamas and anti-Israel, that varieties the nebula of La France insoumise (LFI)! This implies that the primary founder, within the years 1935-1936, of the historic Popular Front, Léon Blum himself, who was himself Jewish and who got here straight from social democracy, should flip round in his grave !

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The new however abusive “Popular Front”: the settlement of disgrace of the Socialist Party

More: this indignation which is clearly mine at this time, a great variety of genuine social democrats, deeply connected to the true and superb historical past of French socialism, resembling politicians of the caliber of Manuel Valls, Bernard Kouchner, Jérôme Guedj or Bernard Cazeneuve, and intellectuals of the caliber of Bernard-Henri Lévy, Raphaël Enthoven, Pascal Bruckner or Alain Finkielkraut, share it, subsequently feeling, they too – a few of them are amongst my finest pals – betrayed of their highest beliefs and, subsequently, non-negotiable on a philosophical in addition to moral stage. And particularly not for causes of electoral lowbrow, vulgar political calculations or mediocre private ambitions.

Better: in the identical method am I completely sure, with out danger of being mistaken on this lamentable affair, nor prejudging something on this case, that these nice Jewish and French consciences, exemplary all through their existential or skilled journey, that had been additionally Pierre Mendès France or Robert Badinter, to not point out right here additionally that these prestigious deceased inside this similar social democracy, would, of their ethical and human the Aristocracy, of their easy however vital peak of view, be of the identical opinion in the event that they had been nonetheless on this world.

And what can I say once more, to return to our younger and vibrant contemporaries, of the courageous, brave and gifted Raphaël Glucksmann, son of my late former pal André Glucksmann, who, throughout his wonderful electoral marketing campaign within the latest European elections, turned typically copiously insulted, and generally in a fashion as unfair as shameless, by this similar LFI, which, all the time hostile to the creation of the State of Israel, has by no means publicly condemned, like essentially the most virulent of anti-Zionists and different abject anti-Semites, the abominable pogrom of a genocidal nature perpetrated on October 7 by Hamas terrorists in opposition to the Jews!

A political error coupled with an ethical fault

Worse: in the identical and obscure motion of this so-called “New Popular Front”, of which we are able to by no means say sufficient the ethical, political and ideological imposture that it represents with regard to the outdated and genuine Popular Front, is evolving even now a celebration much more brazenly anti-Zionist, if not downright anti-Semitic too, than the NPA (New Anti-Capitalist Party), which, for its half, on the very day of this bloody bloodbath of final October 7, didn’t hesitate, fully ashamed, to name these Hamas criminals a “Palestinian resistance movement”!

Hence, pressing, this query, burning within the information in these essential hours for the democratic future of France, cradle of the Enlightenment and residential of the Declaration of Human Rights: how did a former President of the Republic resembling François Can Hollande, who was additionally secretary normal of the Socialist Party, endorse this pseudo and new “Popular Front” at this level, even publicly offering his unwavering help throughout his newest televised statements? This is certainly – we’ll simply agree in view of those arguments alone – a critical political error in addition to an indecent ethical fault!

I say this, with all of the extra disappointment, within the absence of bitterness, as a result of I had a sure sympathy and actual respect for François Hollande, who was too typically and unjustly vilified, mocked and even despised as he was generally misunderstood much more than clumsy, throughout his presidential mandate.

The indecent worth to pay

Certainly, I do know the reply, within the absence of an actual, related and rational clarification, that François Hollande, like the present secretary normal of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, will give us, very actually and in good religion, to justify what is nice quite a lot of true social democrats subsequently rightly name, on this impromptu rallying, alongside this unworthy LFI and one other no much less notorious NPA, inside this “New Popular Front”, a betrayal much more than a betrayal.

Thus, they are going to argue that this “union of the left”, as soon as desired by François Mitterrand himself (the outdated “plural left” extra just lately), is the worth to pay, the important and vital historic compromise, to beat finally, through the legislative elections of June 30 and July 7, 2024, the far proper and, particularly, the National Rally (RN), successfully on the gates of energy – with Jordan Bardella as possible and subsequent Prime Minister and, in ambush, a Marine Le Pen as future President of the Republic. Whose act!

An inversion of values ​​inside the left/proper divide

Except that – and that is the place their argument proves weak each politically and ideologically, if not conceptually – most of the most pestilential creeds, together with anti-Semitism exactly, of the standard excessive proper or, for higher to say, from the outdated days, however which nonetheless not have something to do with the present National Rally – which, as we all know, broke drastically, after having made honorable amends, with the previous National Front by Jean-Marie Le Pen –, discover themselves at this time paradoxically, with events just like the nauseating LFI or the NPA, on the far left!

Because, in truth, it’s there, on this ideological divide (left/proper), a real and profound inversion of values ​​– what the good Nietzsche would name, in his philosophical and ethical criticism, the “transmutation of values” – that we’re witnessing, traditionally, inside these similar political events (RN with Eric Ciotti's LR on one facet, and LFI with the NPA on the different finish of the ideological spectrum).

The quick story “Betrayal of the Clerics”

Conclusion ? It's information Betrayal of the clericsto paraphrase right here the well-known title of a guide, already revealed in 1927, however remaining no much less well-known within the annals of French publishing, by the admirable Julien Benda, which is sadly proven right here, together with his inept and responsible insertion inside this fraudulent “New Popular Front” (NFP) time and again, the present leaders – “irresponsible”, I ought to fairly say, in view of such patent contradictions, even denials, within the face of their very own beliefs of departure, in these painful circumstances – from the PS!

Here, furthermore, is what Julien Benda already wrote, verbatim, in his memorable Betrayal of the clerics, which he revealed within the wake, albeit three a long time later, of the notorious Dreyfus affair (which a sure and little-known Bernard Lazare, additionally a Jew, ardently defended, properly earlier than Émile Zola together with his historic “ I accuse…!”): “The men whose function is to defend eternal and disinterested values, such as justice and reason, and whom I call clerics, have betrayed this function for the benefit of practical interests. » Admirable, but, above all, to meditate, urgently, in these fateful times of dangerous excesses and other political-ideological compromises!

The gradual disappearance of social democracy in the face of a misguided “Popular Front”

This means if, within the gentle of those valuable classes, the present PS, if it doesn’t shortly reconnect with its common ideas as with its ethical values, and if it doesn’t subsequently instantly refound itself on the idea of its historic social democracy, can even be doomed, via lack of ideological lucidity and political braveness, but additionally via private cowardice as a lot as mental mediocrity, to vanish, sadly, as this fault will show deadly and the big injury, of true social democracy, exactly, tolerant, open and non-sectarian, fraternal and republican. In a phrase: humanist!

Moral of the fable: allow us to not enable the good and delightful historical past of the Popular Front such because the admirable Léon Blum to be misused or distorted in such a shameless, scandalous method on the political-ideological stage and dishonest on the philosophical-ethical stage, fervent architect of social democracy in truth, designed it, deliberately, on the origin.

May this superb and luminous web page of France's previous, in its highest and noblest expression, not turn out to be thus, if we don’t take note of it with the seriousness which befits such tragic circumstances, the sinister and darkish alibi, sooner or later, of its progressive, dramatic, extinction…

Alarm, residents!

*Philosopher and author, writer of round forty books, director of the collective works “Thinking Salman Rushdie”, “Rethinking the role of the intellectual” (revealed by Éditions de l'Aube, in collaboration with the Jean-Jaurès Foundation) and “Humans at the center of the world – For a humanism of present and future times.” Against the brand new obscurantisms” (Éditions du Cerf). Latest guide revealed: “Rockism against Wokism” (Éditions Erick Bonnier).