Thorpe Park’s Hyperia rollercoaster breaks down once more leaving thrillseekers hanging at 236ft | EUROtoday

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Screaming thrillseekers have been left dangling at 236ft for an hour after “Britain’s tallest rollercoaster” broke down once more, simply weeks after being unveiled.

Thorpe Park’s Hyperia is billed because the tallest and quickest theme park experience in Britain, exceeding speeds of 80mph and ascending to heights of 72 metres alongside practically a kilometre of monitor.

Guests have been left dangling on the highest a part of the experience on Saturday afternoon, with others evacuated.

Witnesses stated they noticed a workers member clambering to the highest of the experience to free the company and the experience was then closed for the remainder of the day.

One customer stated: “A guy went up with a harness, spoke to them and came back down. They’ve now closed the ride. It has been open and closed all morning and they have evacuated the whole ride area.”

Hyperia on the Surrey theme park was beforehand pressured to shut for a fortnight after malfunctioning after simply in the future in operation on May 24.

A Thorpe Park spokesperson stated: “Hyperia experienced a short delay in operation today.

“Guests were held on the lift hill for approximately one hour before the ride was restarted and the train was brought back into the ride station.

“Stoppages are perfectly normal and commonly experienced in theme parks everywhere.

“At no stage was there any safety concerns for guests.”

The opening of Hyperia meant the experience changed the Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach because the UK’s tallest rollercoaster, which sits at a peak of simply over 70m.

According to Thorpe Park, Hyperia is the UK’s tallest, quickest and most weightless rollercoaster.

Its web site says: “Towering above the iconic Thorpe Park skyline stands an all-new marvel of engineering: Rising high above the landscape at an extraordinary 236ft, this magnificent masterpiece of steel beckons Thrillseekers from far and wide to ‘Find Their Fearless’.

“With over 995 meters of twisted track and speeds exceeding 80mph, inspired by the legendary daughter of an ancient River God who dared to defy her fears, Hyperia is not just a rollercoaster – it’s a tribute to the powerful potential within each of us. You’ll feel weightless, fearless, invincible.”