Agriculture in Africa: “Native varieties are inferior – this idea has prevailed” | EUROtoday

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THE TIME: Mr Maundu, you might be working to rescue conventional crops from oblivion. Why is that this needed?

Patrick Maundu: Because we in Kenya nonetheless really feel the consequences of colonization immediately. The British intentionally downplayed the significance of native meals. The folks right here had been subjected to a type of brainwashing that made them really feel that their meals was not good.

TIME: How precisely?

Structures: For instance, by the names given to the crops. The British referred to as the pigeon pea pigeon pea – Pigeon pea. There is a cowpea rising over there, which has been renamed cow pea – Cow pea. They referred to as amaranth pig wheat! But it’s a great plant. There are round 13 completely different varieties in Kenya, some might be harvested earlier, others later, many are fairly proof against drought. So when you develop a number of varieties, you may eat them for a very long time. Today it’s thought of a superfood within the West.