Alex Michaelides: “Many people who aspire to fame run away from something from their past” | EUROtoday

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It is alleged of the Levante tarifeo that it’s a wind so intense that it drives individuals loopy. The rumors carried by the robust breezes in Zaragoza, Tenerife and even the Tramuntana are comparable. What isn’t advised, nevertheless, is that, typically, sure Greek islands are hit by intense winds that may wreck anybody's trip; that may, like Levante, make you lose your thoughts.

The concept of ​​the wind as torment takes root on the age of 20 within the thoughts of Alex Michaelides (Cyprus, 1977), the author who was hailed as a promise within the style of thriller for his first novel, The silent affected personand who established himself as an illusionist of the enigma with The Maidens. Just revealed The fury (Alfaguara), the chronicle of a demise foretold by which confusion interweaves with the disturbing.

“Once, I was stuck in Greece for a while because the wind was terrible. It seemed like a great way to keep someone somewhere“says the author in a dialog with this newspaper within the workplaces of his writer.The fury is impressed by Agatha Christie's books: “It's an attempt to see what would happen if she introduced psychologically realistic characters into one of her novels,” explains Michaelides.

The fury is the story of a famend Hollywood actress, Lana Farrar, who travels to Aura, his personal island within the Aegean Sea, with two pals and his household. “I wrote the entire novel in Cyprus and Lana's character was for Uma [Thurman]“, explains Michaelides. The friendship between the author and the actress dates again to the previous's stage on the earth of cinema. Michaelidis was a screenwriter, wrote An sudden theft however ended up annoyed. “I think in a way he was in the wrong job,” says the Cypriot.

The plot ofThe furyIt is theatrical and sarcastic. When the corpse of one of many characters seems, the story begins to speed up till the end result of the crime. Elliott, a buddy of the artist, narrates the occasions and invitations the reader to get to know the characters in depth from an irony that tends in the direction of cynicism. However, when plainly Michaelides has accomplished the Rubik's dice of thriller, he offers it one other spin and the reader discovers that there’s nonetheless yet one more face to finish. “The changes and surprises appeared as I wrote them,” explains Michaelides, who compares the exhaustive planning that his two earlier novels required with the improvised plot of The fury.

“I was worried that the pace would be slow,” confesses the novelist. “I thought the more I got into the characters' heads, the more I would slow it down.” Still, Michaelides portrays the psychological profiles of its seven characters, Farrar and his reduce, with surgeon precision. Throughout her profession as a author, psychology takes on nice prominence, it’s one in every of her nice pursuits: “All these characters seemed to me to be very real people, in my head they were children with wounds.”

Childhood and the connection with mother and father is a key factor of the novel, which tries to elucidate the explanations that lead somebody to commit against the law“I think the damage that some people suffer can be traced back to a battered childhood,” says Michaelides. Childhood defines the character of individuals. The author strikes between the traumas and wounds of his characters as a result of “character is the same as destiny“.

In the identical means that his two earlier novels draw on Greek mythology, The fury It relies on Heraclitus's phrase that states that “man's character writes his destiny.” “I link it to psychology and childhood, which makes this story an interesting debate about human nature“, explica Michaelides.

To some extent, The fury is a criticism of the defects of Hollywood, an trade with which the writer maintains a love-hate relationship: “Many people who aspire to fame and fortune do so because they are fleeing something from their past.. What is sought is external validation, approval and some applause,” says Michaelides. Despite this, the author goes to adapt The fury to the massive display, in the identical means as his first novel The silent affected personwhich continues within the pre-production course of.

“All the writers I know who have not succeeded have refused to rigidly change elements of their novels,” says the Cypriot author. The fury It has allowed him to discover different sides as a author, to let go and let the story take its personal course. “I love writing, it's like an impulse. I don't know what else I would do,” he says. Alex Michaelideswho anticipates that her subsequent novel is impressed by the parable of Aphrodite.

love in a thriller It is difficult, maybe extra so than the opportunity of going loopy on an island. But, on the finish of the day, the writer is aware of the borders that delimit fiction and what’s believable in the identical means that he is aware of the wind that whips the islands.