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Federal Government
Federal Education Minister separates from State Secretary

On the "Statement from teachers at Berlin universities" Stark-Watzinger reacted with horror. Photo: Michael Kappeler/dpa

Stark-Watzinger reacted with horror to the “statement by teachers at Berlin universities”. Photo

© Michael Kappeler/dpa

After college professors criticized the best way a pro-Palestinian protest camp was dealt with, the Ministry of Education mentioned doable penalties. Now a number one official is to go away.

Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger needs to have her State Secretary Sabine Döring quickly retired. She has requested Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) to do that, the FDP politician introduced via her ministry. The background to that is an order to analyze doable penalties for college lecturers who signed an open letter on learn how to cope with pro-Palestinian protests at Berlin universities.

“Academic freedom is a very valuable asset and is rightly protected under constitutional law,” defined Stark-Watzinger. The impression created is prone to “permanently damage” the belief of scientists within the Federal Ministry of Education.

Internal emails: Cut funding?

Stark-Watzinger had publicly criticized the letter on the time. The ARD journal “Panorama” lately reported, citing inner emails, that the Ministry of Education had been requested to conduct an inner assessment to find out whether or not funding might be lower on account of the letter. This had sparked criticism.

“I have arranged for the matter to be investigated thoroughly and transparently,” defined Stark-Watzinger. “It is clear that an examination of potential consequences under funding law was indeed requested from the relevant specialist departments.” State Secretary Döring, who’s liable for the college division, ordered the investigation.

“She also stated that she had apparently expressed herself in a misleading way when ordering the legal review. Nevertheless, the impression was created that the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) was considering examining the consequences of funding on the basis of an open letter covered by freedom of expression.”

Stark-Watzinger: No examination attributable to expression of opinion

This contradicts the rules of educational freedom, stated the FDP politician. “There are no reviews of the consequences of funding law for statements covered by freedom of expression,” emphasised Stark-Watzinger.

In a “Statement by teachers at Berlin universities”, greater than 100 lecturers from a number of Berlin universities criticized the clearing of a protest camp of pro-Palestinian demonstrators on the Free University of Berlin in May.

Stark-Watzinger had reacted with horror to the letter of assist on the time. “It still amazes me to this day how one-sidedly the letter ignored the terror of Hamas,” she defined. “And how it made a blanket demand that crimes at universities should not be prosecuted, while at the same time anti-Semitic incitement to hatred and violent attacks against Jewish citizens are being observed.”