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Ebetween 10,000 and 15,000 individuals demonstrated this Sunday June 14 within the streets of Lyon behind a banner proclaiming “after the shock of the European elections, social demands must be heard”. At the top of the parade, the CGT was delighted to see “the beautiful procession of these united people of France who are mobilizing against the extreme right”. In the group, many indicators and posters known as for the Popular Front, typically with humor. A lady was holding an indication “Union soup without the (racist) croutons”, whereas a younger lady proudly held one other proclaiming: “Left and green, let go of your egos, get rid of the fascists”, and that others held playing cards proclaiming “I don’t want to live in Facholand”, “Make love not R-Hate” or fairly merely “Liberty Equality Fraternity”.

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Gaëlle, a younger highschool pupil, approaches a “Union Tomato Salad” signal which she deciphers: “green, red and union, that’s what we’re going to put in the ballot boxes. » This will be her first vote and she assures that “young people are particularly mobilized, because the situation is terrifying”. Comic e book screenwriter Olivier Jouvray got here “as a citizen and a bit of a screenwriter, because it is the history of the country that is being written”. The union of the left offers him hope: “The left is a family meal where we allow ourselves to talk about religion and politics, so we argue with each other. But when it's time to go into battle, boom, we all go together. And when we look at History, it is often in these kinds of situations that the left has finally succeeded in passing measures of social progress. »

READ ALSO “I am against the extremes”, Kylian Mbappé in flip takes a standComing along with his household on the finish of the procession, the mayor of Lyon Grégory Doucet wished to see on this mobilization an indication that there was “above all hope. All the people here are full of it. » The progression of the scores achieved by the left in Lyon in the European elections makes him say that “the communities which are already governed in “Popular Front” mode are the demonstration of the credibility that we are able to govern the nation. We present that we are able to combat towards world warming and for social justice, as within the Metropolis with the youth solidarity revenue or solidarity fares for public transport. » He is, nevertheless, involved in regards to the development of the RN vote on the borders of the Lyon metropolitan space. Territories the place, in keeping with Doucet, the left can catch up “by restoring hope and defending public services. We do not fight against global warming in the same way in city centers and in the countryside: cities are responsible for 70% of emissions, it is normal that they make more efforts. »

Popular Front candidates

Many candidates supported by the Popular Front for the legislative elections joined the demonstration, such as the outgoing deputy for Vénissieux, Idir Boumertit (LFI), delighted to see that on the left “everyone put their fist in their pocket, the resentments were set aside. They will perhaps come back, it's part of political life, but today we are making common cause. The risk of seeing Bardella in power has brought us together and means that if we win, we will be able to work together in the interest of the French. »

The Lyon candidates nominated by the Popular Front had already been invited on Friday evening to the steps of City Hall, to a gathering called by around forty left-wing organizations and parties. In front of 2,000 to 3,000 people, they wanted to “show that there is hope” as social affairs assistant Sandrine Runel (PS), invested within the 4th constituency of Lyon, defined to Le Point. Green MP Marie-Charlotte Garin (EELV, third constituency of Lyon) was happy to see “a mobilization which goes far beyond the Popular Front alliance”.

READ ALSO Perpignan, this flagship of the RN on its solution to sinkingSurprise candidate to succeed Hubert-Julien Laferrière (Génération Écologie, 2nd constituency), who is just not operating once more because of his authorized troubles, Boris Tavernier, director of the VRAC community, considers it “important in this context to bring news solutions. Vrac was born in the popular district of La Duchère, to fight against precariousness and defend access to quality food, it's a beautiful story. I want to fight for them and contribute to the emergence of a more just and united society.”

The vice-president of the Metropolis for housing, Renaud Payre (Miscellaneous left), admitted to being “super afraid. We have a one in two chance of winning. If the far right ever wins, the only two places of resistance will be local authorities and the National Assembly, where we will need deputies like Boris Tavernier, capable of speaking out strongly and setting limits. » Former director of Sciences Po Lyon, he regretted that a debate was already taking place on the choice of Prime Minister in the event of a victory for the left: “There is no point in personalizing, when we are in trying to recreate something collective. I remind you that in 1936, Léon Blum was not the candidate designated to be President of the Council during the legislative elections. We expected to see the radical party in the lead, it ended up being the SFIO for the first time and that's how we had one of our greatest leaders…” It was this hope that appeared to steer grasp up the Lyon demonstrators, regardless of the sunshine rain which was current at each gatherings.