Injured cow mowed down by Surrey police officer supplied idyllic new house after escaping breeding farm | EUROtoday

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An injured cow who was repeatedly mowed down by a police automotive has been supplied an “idyllic” retirement house at a close-by animal sanctuary.

The surprising incident occurred on Friday night time in Staines-upon-Thames when the cow was repeatedly hit by a 4×4 police automotive from Surrey Police.

Officers claimed that this was achieved to guard the general public after they spent two hours attempting to seize the animal following its escape from its grazing subject round 5 miles away from the place the incident occurred.

But witnesses and animal rights activists have argued that the cow introduced no hazard to anybody, and that the state of affairs was utterly mishandled.

Now, The Retreat Animal Sanctuary has supplied to rehome the 10-month-old breeding heifer named Beau Lucy, who was left with a “large gash” on her leg and superficial wounds.

While she is now being cared for at her house farm and has obtained veterinary remedy, Billy H Thompson, the sanctuary’s founder and director, mentioned that they want to supply Beau a full life at a sanctuary after her ordeal.

He mentioned that he might “absolutely” take within the calf and supplied an perception into the life she might have on the sanctuary.

The escaped cow has been offered a new home
The escaped cow has been supplied a brand new house (Screengrab)

“We’ve got long, lush grasses of pastures and shady pastures under mature oak trees – it’s all very idyllic,” he mentioned of the Kent-based institution.

“We have 18 cows that live with us. They’re two separate herds, and they’re all terribly individual with incredible personalities just like dogs and cats are.

“I think that when we talk about these things, the great British public absolutely do understand this. Even those who are not vegetarians or vegans, they will want that cow to be rehomed.

“I would love to see this little calf surrendered to an animal sanctuary. It would be a dream come true for me.”

Thompson famous that this isn’t the primary time {that a} cow has been forcibly hit with a police automotive to apprehend it.

As reported by Berkshire Livean analogous incident occurred in 2021 when a cow was intentionally mown down by Thames Valley police simply off the A3290.

This incident prompted comparable outrage from the general public, with Facebook consumer Natalie Shaw writing: “The officers should be investigated, there was no need at all to run it down like that.”

Thompson believes that the cow in Staines-upon-Thames might have been simply apprehended with out the usage of pressure.

He added: “The little thing was terrified. Even with a fearful animal, you can absolutely be kind and push them to where you want them to go.

“No one was really at risk of anything – she was a tiny little calf. The police could have got out of their car and put their arms up and very kindly corralled her into somewhere.

“It’s so disappointing. We are meant to be a nation of animal lovers.”

The proprietor of the cow, Rob, and his companion, Kate, echoed these ideas and agreed that the police concerned didn’t know sufficient about livestock to take care of the state of affairs appropriately.

Kate mentioned Beau Lucy was “really scared” and “agitated” when she returned to him.

She mentioned that the animal was merely “spooked” on the time of the police incident and introduced no hazard to the general public when it was repeatedly rammed by police.

“Honestly, when I saw the video, I thought he should lose his job. I just thought it was disgusting, I couldn’t believe it,” she mentioned.

“I don’t know if it was his decision to drive at the animal or whether he was instructed to, but the police, when they got out of the car looked pretty agitated themselves.

“I can only imagine the police that did it have no idea about farm animals.”

This is not the first time that police have been caught on camera hitting an escaped cow with a vehicle
This isn’t the primary time that police have been caught on digital camera hitting an escaped cow with a car (Kai Bennetts/PA Wire)

While there isn’t any suggestion that the Staines farm from which the calf escaped from has something apart from excessive moral and welfare requirements, some have now referred to as for Beau Lucy to reside an extended life elsewhere.

The sanctuary founder defined that as a 10-month-old beef cow, Beau Lucy will seemingly be slaughtered in some unspecified time in the future subsequent yr when she is 22 months previous.

The Humane League stories that the pure lifespan of a cow is 15 to twenty years previous.

The cow was thrown an estimated 30ft by the police car
The cow was thrown an estimated 30ft by the police automotive (PA Average)

Thompson’s opinion about what ought to occur to the cow has been echoed by PETA, who advised The Independent that the animal must be “urgently” rehomed.

PETA’s Vice President of Programmes Elisa Allen mentioned: “The young calf must have been completely terrified and confused as they were cruelly and forcefully mown down – by a police car no less – and pinned to the ground.

“There is no justification for this violence. The police are meant to protect, not harm.

“An investigation into the actions of the officers involved must urgently be undertaken and the calf safely rehomed at a sanctuary.”

Following the surprising incident, Surrey Police launched an announcement revealing that an officer concerned within the incident has been faraway from public-facing duties pending an investigation.

The RSPCA has additionally supplied to work with the police pressure to raised equip them to take care of livestock.

The Independent has reached out to Surrey Police and Thames Valley Police for additional remark.