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More than 300 ERC militants ask to open a technique of “general renewal of the leadership”

More than 300 ERC militants, together with six members of the appearing Consell Executiu, have signed a manifesto that, within the midst of a debate on the way forward for the occasion, advocates opening a technique of “general renewal of the leadership” that may culminate within the nationwide congress on November 30.

The textual content, unfold on the Internet underneath the identify Let's reactivate the nationwide left, represents the primary public step of the sector of the occasion that considers that it’s time to definitively shut a stage and that’s thus opposed – though it doesn’t make it specific – to Oriol Junqueras assuming the management of the occasion once more, as he intends. After the electoral failure of the final Catalan elections, president Pere Aragonès and the overall secretary, Marta Rovira, already anticipated that they may depart the management of the occasion after that congress.

The signatories of the manifesto name to “design from now until the national congress on November 30 a renewal process on the principles of generosity and inclusivity.” This is framed within the want for “a general renewal of the leadership” with the target of “leading the organization towards a more choral and collective model, more transparent and with greater participation of the militant base, the territorial structure and the assets of republican municipalism.”

The vp of the Government, Laura Vilagrà, councilors Roger Torrent, Ester Capella, Meritxell Serret and Manel Balcells and vice councilor Sergi Sabrià subscribe to the manifesto. Also the deputy within the Congress Teresa Jordà; Senator Sara Bailac; the spokeswoman in Parliament up to now legislature, Marta Vilalta and the occasion spokeswoman, Raquel Sans. The mayor of Manresa (Barcelona), Marc Aloy, additionally adheres to the textual content; the councilor in Barcelona Jordi Castellana; the till now first vice-president of the Parliament, Alba Vergés; the previous President of the Parliament Ernest Benach; the previous president of ERC Joan Puigcercós; or the previous mayor of Tarragona Pau Ricomà.

The manifesto factors out that ERC is experiencing “an end of cycle” that’s framed in a context of “demobilization and the retreat of the entire independence movement and the left”, during which the Parliament “has turned towards the right and towards Spanishism with a notable rise of the extreme right and with a PSC —openly complicit in the repression after October 2017— that wins the elections for the first time in votes and seats,” he factors out. For this cause, “deep reflection and the entry of fresh air into Esquerra Republicana are essential” and the occasion should put together to “lead the strategic rearmament of the independence movement and popular-based republican sovereign Catalanism.”

To this finish, “an unavoidable, calm internal transition” should be undertaken: “It is necessary to create a new, modern, attractive way of doing politics, around the inalienable values ​​of republican ethics, honest, radically transparent, clean, democratic politics.” and participatory, centered solely on the widespread good,” the textual content continues.

The “political renewal” of the group should permit ERC to “lead the spaces for strategic reflection to put it at the service of the entire independence movement and the democratic resolution of the political conflict with Spain.”

The signatories conclude that ERC “cannot miss the opportunity to become the central force of republican Catalanism, a reference for the national left, capable of building social majorities and of constructing an incontestable pro-independence, republican and left-wing political hegemony.” (EFE)