The dramatic feat of Paco Urea as a assist for the tribute to Antoete in Las Ventas | EUROtoday

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Antoete realized to learn within the eyes of the bulls, within the corrals of this plaza, on this area of desires. There had been many echoes of Osborne's saddled bull, forgetting that of Flix Cameno, the withered reminiscences, damaged luck, damaged bones, the glass skeleton of that bullfighter with the white locks and black lungs: Antoete had barely identified fortune, he knew ephemeral fame and couldn’t even aspire to glory. He was not attributable to the bull, nor to his artwork, nor to his braveness, nor to the luck capriciously distributed within the ring. The evil was inside his physique. (Jos Carlos Arvalo)

Until the faith of antoethism was definitively revealed within the 80s. Chenel introduced from his exile in Venezuela a easy bundle: the maturity of the fifties lived, drunk and night-time, the forgotten bullfighting, the secrets and techniques of the lands, the important thing to distances. and a geometry matured within the barrel of defeat. For Antoete there was just one solution to struggle and dwell. Because in artwork, as in life, there is no such thing as a room for betrayal (…). That's why we name him trainer, that's why we respect him. Because he fulfilled the maxim of the Greek oracle: life consists of turning into what you’re., wrote Agustín Díaz-Yanes in a textual content that at some point he generously gave us. For this motive, it must be added, we had been in Madrid this Sunday, celebrating Antoete, her reminiscence, her legacy, axioms and maxims that few abide by and that’s how they fare.

He saved this sq. that was his a minute of silence after the disconcerting public tackle announcement: …by maestro Antonio Chenel 'Antoete', who died on October 22, 2011. A stunning tunnel in time. Karina, his widow, and Marco Antonio, his son, sentimentally presided over the tribute from a mockup within the alley. A cramp of reminiscences handed via our greeting.

Colg Las Ventas a brand new there are not any tickets in one other date with the wind on this emotional coda that pale Jandilla's bullfight into black. As crafted as it’s disappointing, overshadowed by bravery and race aside from a couple of cracks. Until lastly, with a bull extra constrained than courageous, extra coming than leaving, extra humiliating than delivered, the dramatic epic of Paco Urea emerged for the umpteenth time on this Madrid that counts its glories by feats, that tragic air that surrounds its stark duties. The flint bull tricked him with a somersault that didn't occur. Urea didn’t rectify his perspective one bit, the lead of his sneakers, the thick blood of his coronary heart. And then, once more, in a type of brief revolts, with the bull's piston burning with warmth, he caught it, threw them and crashed towards the bottom in a really dangerous means. The bullfighter was left like a limp doll, misplaced consciousness, damaged on an nearly dismembered shoulder. They picked him up and woke him up with holy water within the alley. And so a person with out breath returned to a breathless sq..

I gave every little thing, nearly with out energy with the crutch -his left clavicle was fractured, and the fracture was displaced, as was later revealed within the medical report-, and even introduced out an inhuman race within the face of fierce assaults. When he miraculously sank the sword, the strains burst with scarves. Urea grabbed the ear as if holding on to life on the sting and took her to the nurse. He had had no choice with a cross-sighted bull, and he clung to the one choice for pricey life.

Javier Barbancho

The different bull with sure hopes went to Alejandro Talavante. Aware of the stress of his fourth afternoon in Madrid, he went to porta gayola. And he endured a bout of coronary heart assault that he lastly escaped by a miracle: the bullet whistled near his head, turning over the lengthy change. AT escaped with reflexes and threw him toes collectively. He humiliated the jadilla and stretched himself promising good grades. Talavante has been attacked by a bull for every look. It will not be that this Roco wasted the excellence of Tejonero (Santi Domecq) or the peaceable son of Cubanoso (Puerto de San Lorenzo) or the dedication of Rebeco (Juan Pedro Domecq), however he moved within the absence of a closing blow of sophistication and fact . That is, with the intertwined virtues, peeking out between the defects and edges so {that a} determine of bullfighting can present itself. There was no lack of disposition – the left was so prepared – however there was an absence of presidency, to cut back the bull greater than to go it and, above all, there have been loads of revolutions. Nothing occurred when it ought to have occurred. And when there was no choice within the face of a deflated fifth of what he had aimed for. I abbreviate however even to abbreviate there’s a means of strolling that Antoete knew and displayed with bullfighting.

The first of José María Manzanares gave off meekness in spades, and he already got here out together with his bravery anesthetized, asleep. The employees turned indignant with the bull's resignations. If Antonio raised his head and noticed the drift of his sq…. The jandilla was a mannequin of escape and, though he humiliated him within the embroque, he did so overwhelmingly, with a sure shot. Manzanares did a somersault within the querencia, he on the surface and the bull on the within. He chased it and, when he ran it parallel to the stripes, he managed to hook probably the most full sequence. He buried a deadly sword within the nook and heard a cheer.

The afternoon flowed with the destiny of disappointment. Another disappointment from Jandilla like in Seville – with such costly workmanship -, solely with extra sandpaper, rougher, more durable. When the president returned JMM's subsequent on account of lack of energy, a hat of The Pilar who left his hindquarters behind, its lengthy anatomy crumbles. Successful by Juan Jos Trujillo already in banderillas was definitive. And one other one got here out of the identical Salamanca iron, tall and lengthy like a horse, the facility brittle, the humiliation scarce, a form animal with no soul that prospered in the direction of the abyss with the touches of Manzanares.

And so, till the umpteenth dramatic feat of Urea, this homage with out bullfighting to Antoete developed, who fulfilled the oracle, as a result of life consists of turning into what you’re. And Antoete was a TORERO.

MONUMENTAL SALES. Sunday, June 16, 2024. Bullfight In Memiam. Full of no payments. Bulls from Jandilla and one from Vegahermosa (3); three cinqueos -1, 5 and 6-; crafted, severe, however of uncontrolled play with the exceptions of two and 6 regardless of their edges; and two hats from El Pilar (4 bis and 4 ter); one returned and the opposite with out energy or drive.

JOS MARA MANZANARES, of bull and jet blood. Detached lunge (greetings); two jabs and thrust (silence).

ALEJANDRO TALAVANTE, of nazarene yoro. Prick and thrust. Notice (silence); jab and brief thrust (silence).

PACO UREA, olive inexperienced and gold. Lunge (silence); brief lunge (ear).