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The heroic trance, the drama, the anguish and the trembling, all wrapped in a passage filled with outburst and commotion, occurred within the muleta process of the sixth bull of the afternoon, the one one really encased and courageous of a disappointing bullfight. from Jandilla.

He was a purple Cinqueño, with stunning builds, who humiliated and pushed the horse, got here fortunately in banderillas and reached the ultimate third with a defiant, grasping and demanding air. Paco Ureña, who had given him a suitable begin, began the duty with some swish assist from above, and fought him with dedication, conscious of how a lot was at stake at that second. Already within the first spherical with the best hand, to which the bull went with character, he was impaled with out penalties. He returned to cite from afar and the decided perspective of the bullfighter and the transmission of his opponent have been evident.

But it was then that the drama occurred: the bull impaled him once more on his proper leg, inflicting him to lose his steadiness, however earlier than Ureña might get away from the neighborhood of the bull, it caught him once more, threw him by means of the airs, and the autumn on the left shoulder was actually stunning. The bullfighter was left helpless within the sand, and was picked up, wrapped in a rag, by his companions who headed in the direction of the infirmary. But already within the alley, Ureña regained consciousness, and with an offended face, he removed the help, able to return to the ring. With a misplaced gaze, apparent gestures of ache, his go well with and face stained with the bull's blood, his left shoulder drooping and with no obvious sense of steadiness, the bullfighter returned to the bull's face similtaneously the bullring, moved by what occurred within the ring, I attempted to encourage him by shouting “bullfighter, bullfighter.”

Ureña was overcome by disgrace, epic and necessity, however he was not able to take up the crutch once more. He did it, cited together with his left hand, and was ready to attract some muletazos extra valued for his heroism than for his execution. And so on as much as three half-rounds, with the sq. moved and afraid that the drama would return once more. After a brief perpendicular thrust, he was granted an ear that Ureña couldn’t stroll as a result of he entered the infirmary on his personal foot. Brusque and lackluster was his first, with none class, who didn’t lose face.

This is how the bullfight in reminiscence of Antoñete ended, a tame, harsh and lackluster Jandilla bull run for at present's figures, accustomed to the much less problematic and Pastueño bull. But the combat is being misplaced to the advantage of many passes with little content material and depth.

In that tone was Talavante's passage earlier than the second of the afternoon, a meek with mobility, whom he was unable to dominate, and tried to win with an unequal, accelerated and intemperate process. The fifth fooled the group, as he carried out in rods, galloped within the second third and confirmed superb manners for the muleta, however, no. He quickly misplaced his arms, and the bullfighter misplaced, in flip, his concepts and spirit, so he appeared for the sword, and minimize brief.

Aware, maybe, that his status was additionally at stake on this celebration, Manzanares appeared extra in tune and devoted than in his isidril afternoon. He needed to cease 4 bulls as a result of incapacity of the 2 bullfighters, and he might do nothing about his second, however he made an effort within the one who opened the bullring, a meek one who fled from his shadow since he appeared within the ring, and who turned the bullfighter over. shortly after beginning the crutch process. And the scare took impact. Manzanares put collectively an inappropriate race, endured the abruptness of his opponent, who attacked in waves, and managed some acceptable muletazos with each arms.

Minutes after the celebration ended, Ureña bought into an ambulance heading to a well being heart the place the pertinent exams will likely be carried out to search out out the extent of his damage; In the plaza there remained the deed of a bullfighter punished by the bulls and the dispatches, a hero who deserves higher luck.

Jandilla-Vegahermosa/Manzanares, Talavante, Ureña

Five bulls Jandilla and one, the third, of Vegahermosa, -the fourth, returned as invalid-, unequal in presentation, meek, lazy, outcast and lackluster; compliant in rods, constrained and demanding the sixth; hat of The pillar, additionally returned as invalid; second hat, product of the identical iron, properly introduced, tame, unfastened and uncast.

José María Manzanares: low lunge (ovation); two jabs and thrust (silence).

Alejandro Talavante: prick and thrust _notice_ (silence); puncture, half crossed and two loopy issues (pitos).

Paco Urena: low lunge (silence); brief perpendicular lunge (ear). He was knocked over by the sixth bull, and the medical report signifies that he suffers a fracture that displaces the center third of the left clavicle, with a reserved prognosis.

Plaza de las Ventas. June 16. Bullfight In Memoriam of Antoñete, and in reminiscence of the Madrid bullfighter, a minute of silence was noticed. Full of 'no tickets' (22,964 spectators, in accordance with the corporate).

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