Rishi Sunak’s six-word warning as he rips aside Keir Starmer’s pledges on battle bus | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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Rishi Sunak has insisted the Tories have “got time” to persuade voters to rally behind them. The Prime Minister warned that Labour chief Sir Keir Starmer “doesn’t have the courage of his convictions”.

And in a stark warning to voters, he mentioned Sir Keir shouldn’t be “prioritising investment in our country’s security”. The PM informed reporters: “It’s obvious that the world is incredibly dangerous, and, for someone who wants to be prime minister of our country not to prioritise investing more in our country’s security, I find it deeply concerning.”

Mr Sunak insisted the Conservatives can nonetheless win the final election. He informed the press on the Tory battlebus in Cambridgeshire: “I think our manifesto contains a very clear plan for the country. A very clear plan with a bold set of actions.

“You choose a coverage space, there’s one thing daring in there that may change our nation for the higher. Now that each manifestos are out, we have got time over the subsequent few weeks to speak to individuals concerning the alternative.”

He said people had “seen the selection very clearly on taxes” between the Tories and Labour, though Labour has said it will not raise personal, capital gains or corporation tax.

The latest opinion poll by Redfield and Wilton showed the Conservatives on 18%, 25% behind Labour, who are sitting on 43%.

But a separate poll published by More In Common has found support for both Labour and the Conservatives unchanged, with the Tories continuing to trail by 16 points.

The poll, based on a survey of 2,369 British adults between June 14 and 16, found 41% said they would vote Labour and 25% Conservative, unchanged compared to June 11-12.

And Mr Sunak said he does not think Sir Keir Starmer has “the braveness of his convictions”, suggesting he would find the job of prime minister “laborious to do properly”.

The Prime Minister told journalists in a huddle on the Tory battle bus: “What I’d say is Keir Starmer is somebody who clearly does not have the braveness of his convictions.

“I think it’s hard to do this job well if you don’t have convictions… and if you don’t have the courage of your convictions…”

Mr Sunak added: “He also is not prioritising investment in our country’s security. I think that is deeply concerning as someone who’s sat in this job for 18 months.

“At a time when the world is extra harmful and unsure than it has been for the reason that finish of the Cold War, having simply come again from the G7 and a peace summit about Ukraine in Switzerland, it is apparent that the world is extremely harmful.

“For someone who wants to be prime minister of our country not to prioritise investing more our country’s security I find deeply concerning.”