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Iwe had to consider it and the Pixar studios (Toy Story), Cars), true animation aces, have finished it: visualize the feelings of somewhat woman named Riley and switch it right into a fable for younger and previous. Already in 2015, the method of Vice versa brought about sparks, bringing collectively some 4,355,748 spectators in France. A successful method because the personification of feelings – and its plain comedian potential – speaks to everybody. At the time, this animated movie by the sensible Pete Docter (Up there, Monsters and Co.) had grossed $857 million on the worldwide field workplace and gained the Oscar for finest animated movie.

Nine years later, Vice versa 2, produced by the identical Pete Docter, who has since develop into creative director of Pixar, follows, underneath the path of director Kelsey Mann, the identical Riley, in full puberty, on the time of essential selections. The alternative for the latter to convey new feelings to life within the younger woman's head. “I wanted to emphasize Anxiety,” he emphasizes, “to the point of making it one of the central characters of this sequel. This emotion really begins to manifest itself in adolescence and we are all able to grasp its contours. »

Vice versa 2 : red alert on all floors

But then, exactly, what is going on in Riley's head in this second episode? A real hurricane. Red alert on all floors. Emotions overwhelm her. Will she succeed in joining the ice hockey team and lead it to victory? Should she abandon her two class friends on the way? How to gain the self-confidence that you lack so much? The young heroine finds herself faced with multiple choices, torn between her personal ambition and her sweet dreams.

From their HQ, facing a control table, we find the strange creatures called Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust, responsible for evaluating one's emotions and transforming the slightest incident into a beautiful story, even if it means throwing away the “bad moments”. » in the forgotten section. They then become like the screenwriters of an improbable film which is being constructed before our eyes. But everything becomes complicated when new emotions – and therefore new creatures – appear: Anxiety, Envy, Boredom and Embarrassment.

It's total chaos in Riley's brain, and the beginning of his adventures which take us in a flash from a hockey match to a marvelous universe shared between a fault of sarcasm and a mountain of multicolored balls where his repressed memories.

Pixar juggles with emotions

It's difficult to resist these images which rush by at full speed and take us into a series of original scenes where the unconscious is king. The process is funny, clever and inventive and not even repetitive.

Beyond the virtuoso animation sequences and this emotional dive which is akin to a game with educational virtues, there is the very American philosophy of “positive thinking”, presupposed to make us comfortable, removed from paralyzing nervousness. So make manner for poetry and fantasy. This is undoubtedly the philosophy of the Pixar studios who’ve a knack for manipulating us and juggling our feelings, for our biggest pleasure. A quite simple message for this animated movie which, within the United States, has simply damaged the historic document of Frozen 2 by raking in some $155 million in income.