Is the rejection of ecology a driving power behind the vote for the National Rally? | EUROtoday

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1er Last May, at all times an necessary date for the heirs of the National Front, Marine Le Pen delivered her conventional speech in Perpignan. Behind a lectern and subsequent to a French flag, she discusses the essential themes for the National Rally (RN) earlier than the European elections. And ecology holds a particular place there.

The former presidential candidate storms in opposition to ” Brussels “ Who “forces you, almost overnight, to change your boiler for 15,000 euros”in opposition to the “authoritarian reductions in agricultural areas”in opposition to this “Heartless European Commission”.

“Don’t they have as their objective the reduction of human activity as a whole?she says before intertwining her obsessions with the daily lives of the French, a strategy which brought the RN to the doors of power. It is still the same logic of decline which leads them to ban the sale of thermal engines in 2035 and thus voluntarily plans the destruction of our automobile industry and dependence on China. »

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Long invisible or mocked, environmental points are actually an integral a part of the RN's tribunician arsenal. After trying to assemble one's personal doctrine on these topics with the “localism”an idea from the far proper of id, the populist formation determined to implement a extra primary tactic: establish areas of pressure and surf on the resentments and tensions generated by the ecological transition.

“At the time of the “yellow vest” disaster, the RN understood that the local weather subject might start to disrupt every day life and subsequently create discontent”summarizes Théodore Tallent, doctoral researcher and trainer at Sciences Po, creator of a current word for the Jean Jaurès Foundation on the chance of backlash, that’s to say the hardening of opinions within the face of the size of the problem. “ This allows them to find a new way to criticize Brussels, the elites, to defend the “little ones” who could be oppressed by the “powerful”…”he continues.

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During the 2021 regional elections, Marine Le Pen stood in opposition to wind generators, “ a major fight, (…) a disaster, visual, ecological, economic.” Since 2021 and the vote on the Climate and Resilience legislation, these near him have denounced pell-mell low-emission zones (ZFE), zero internet artificialization (ZAN) earlier than throwing themselves on the dams of the current agricultural disaster throughout which Jordan Bardella, president of the RN, railed in opposition to “the tyranny of NGOs, the government of judges and Europe”.

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