Snchez insists: Habr “singular financing” for Catalonia and “regeneration plan” for Spain | EUROtoday

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Tenth anniversary of the proclamation of Felipe VI, the King who has fulfilled the aim of regenerating the monarchical establishment. In Congress, deputies are requested about this anniversary and the function performed by the monarch on this decade. “Correct,” says socialist spokesperson Patxi López; “We'll see,” he says. Mertxe Aizpurua, consultant of Bildu; “The King has been an example and has maintained the constitution, respect for the powers of the State. “We couldn't be extra proud,” says Feijo; “An excellent steadiness,” adds the Minister of the Presidency, Flix Bolaos.

All this, minutes before starting the session. Once inside the Hemicycle, the friendliness changes. The deputies return to the trenches. In this session, the President of the Government has insisted that designing “singular financing” for Catalonia and has stressed that approving a “regeneration plan” for the entire spain. Neither in one case nor in the other has he provided details.

Feijo has taken aim at regeneration and Sánchez has replied that Spain is a full democracy with one “however”: the blockade to which the PP subjects the CGPJ. Next, he asked the opposition leader which of his bosses he will attend to in the negotiation on the Judiciary: “Ayuso, Aznar or Abascal?”

For him common, “Snchez's foremost drawback isn’t with the General Council of the Judiciary, however with Justice” and has lamented that if someone sides with Sánchez, then “they will insult, defame, grow to be corrupt.” According to Feijo, whoever behaves like this “ought to resign or sit on the bench earlier than the judges.” In this sense, he has brought to light the case of the State Attorney General, the alleged corruption of Sánchez's wife and her brother, and Minister Scar Puente's outbursts on Twitter. And he has concluded: “You are starting to be the issue for this regeneration. There isn’t any democratic regeneration attainable while you’re President of the Government,” he has concluded.

In his response, Sánchez has assured that there will be a plan of democratic quality and, in addition, it will guarantee “that the Constitution is complied with.” “We will do it with you or with out you,” he has stressed in reference to his intention to change the rules by which the CGPJ is governed if before the end of the month the popular They do not agree to its renewal.

In his face to face with the Junts spokesperson, Miriam Nogueras, the second confirmation has arrived, that of approving a “singular financing” plan for Catalonia, as committed to with ERC in the investiture pacts. “I’m going to satisfy my dedication,” he careworn.

Nogueras has insisted that “Catalonia doesn’t want any privileges or any favors.” “What Catalans want,” he said, “is justice” because, according to his data, each Catalan “yearly loses 2,600 euros a 12 months by belonging to the Spanish State.” “We can have the very best financing,” said the deputy, “with independence” and then she put her finger on the sore spot by reproaching the president for preparing to design this special financing for Catalonia when he needs the votes of ERC to make Catalonia president. Salvador Illa. In short, a change of stickers.