The name of intellectuals: the republican arc towards anti-Semitism | EUROtoday

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L'time is critical! The state of affairs is harmful! A political-ideological nebula having fraudulently appropriated, shamelessly, the gorgeous identify of “New Popular Front” (NFP), thus distorting, by the resolutely anti-Semitic accents of a few of its elements, the wonderful historical past of the genuine Popular Front , is on the gates of energy, if we don’t oppose it with willpower throughout the legislative elections of June 30 and July 7, 2024, in France, cradle of the Enlightenment and residential of the Declaration of Human Rights.

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This characterised anti-Semitism has notably manifested itself, typically with virulence, in events on the political-ideological spectrum positioned on the acute left, comparable to La France insoumise (LFI) and the New Anticapitalist Party (NPA), which, throughout the abominable pogrom of a genocidal nature that the Hamas terrorists perpetrated on October 7 towards the Jews of Israel, have by no means brazenly condemned this bloody bloodbath, even reputing it, to justify it, the expression of a “Palestinian resistance movement against the Israeli occupation”. Worse: a few of these irresponsible leaders, on the very night of this ignoble crime on a scale unprecedented for the reason that Holocaust, rejoiced, utterly ashamed, publicly.

Have they due to this fact forgotten, these declared enemies of Israel, supporters of an anti-Zionism which solely masks their basic anti-Semitism, and who’re neither at a contradiction nor above all at an ignorance, as illustrated by founder, within the interwar interval (1935-1938), of the historic Popular Front, Léon Blum himself, was additionally one of many nice Jewish consciences of his time, deported by the Nazis to the focus camp of Buchenwald, and due to this fact fervent defender, below the management of his trustworthy pal Chaim Weizmann, of the creation, in 1948, of the State of Israel (of which this similar Weizmann was exactly, from 1949, the primary president, with, as Prime Minister the immense Zionist determine, tutelary father of this motherland, David Ben-Gurion himself)?

Thus, we, signatories of this petition, women and men of fine will, authentically republican intellectuals, from the left in addition to from the precise (if this divide nonetheless has any conceptual relevance within the face of the urgency of this battle), deeply hooked up to those common rules and ethical values ​​that are tolerance and secularism, freedom and fraternity – humanism, in a phrase – we attraction, with a purpose to save our pricey Republic from this new red-brown plague, to not vote for this mendacity, fallacious and pseudo “New Popular Front”, an actual imposture in such tragic circumstances, and even within the mild of the sense of History, politico-ideological.

Only our philosophical and ethical conscience, armed right here with the inalienable power of a categorical crucial in its highest and noble expression, dictates it to us in these important hours, outdoors of any partisan spirit or Manichean alternative, towards any specific curiosity and for the overall good.

We won’t ever make a pact with anti-Semites, or racists of any sort!

We won’t ever ally ourselves with pro-Hamas, bloodthirsty accomplices of Islamist terrorism, nor with anti-Israel, the one true democracy on this notably unstable area of the world, and the place too many international locations, fanatical theocracies from one other age, follow once more, together with towards any actual progress for the reason for girls, the obscurantist sharia.

We won’t ever betray our conscience as authentically democratic humanists, nor will we cowardly promote out our beliefs for mediocre and vile calculations of electoral base cooking.

We go away this lethal collaboration to the unworthy professionals of probably the most notorious compromise.

Yes: Our honor, vigilant and non-negotiable past the nuances of our phrases – together with the refusal to place ourselves on the two extremes of the ideological spectrum – is above any political opportunism or private ambition in any respect.

Let us due to this fact not enable the good and delightful historical past of the Popular Front to be misused, distorted or diverted, in such a shameless, scandalous method on the political-ideological degree and dishonest on the philosophical-ethical degree, such because the admirable Léon Blum, infamous pillar of the Republic, whereas the worst of fascisms threatened its very existence, conceived it, socially, on the origin!

The way forward for our democracy, our tradition and our civilization, inside the live performance of countries, is at stake.


Daniel Salvatore Schiffer: thinker, author, professor of aesthetics and philosophy of artwork
Luc-Olivier d’Algange: author
Marc Alpozzo: thinker
Gaëlle Atlan-Akerman: journalist
Marie-Jo Bonnet: historian, feminist
Pascal Bruckner: thinker
Hassen Chalghoumi: president of the Conference of Imams of France
Victoria Cohen: psychoanalyst
Emmanuel Dupuy: essayist, president of the Institute Foresight and Security in Europe (IPSE)
Luc Ferry: thinker, former Minister of National Education and Youth
Renée Fregosi: thinker, political scientist
Antoine Gallimard: president of Éditions Gallimard
Dominique Itzkovitch: psychoanalyst
François Kasbi: author
Bernard Kouchner: founding father of “Médecins sans Frontières” and “Médecins du monde”, former Minister of Humanitarian Action and Foreign Affairs
Nathalie Krikorian-Dronsoy: historian, political thinker
Bérénice Levet: thinker
Éric Naulleau: author
Michel Onfray: thinker, director of the journal Popular Front
Mona Ozouf: historian
Sabine Prokhoris: thinker, psychoanalyst
Robert Redeker: thinker
Pierre-Yves Rougeyron: essayist, political scientist, president of the “Cercle Aristote”
Boualem Sansal: author
Jean-Loup Seban: poet, gold medal of the French Renaissance, Grand Prize for Poetry of the Society of French Poets (SPF)
Pierre-André Taguieff: thinker, historian of concepts, political scientist, CNRS
Alain Vircondelet: author, educational
Olivier Weber: author
Jean-Claude Zylberstein: lawyer, editor, author