Tories dealing with wipeout as new ballot suggests they’ll have simply 53 MPs and Rishi Sunak will lose his seat | EUROtoday

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The Conservatives are dealing with a historic defeat on the election as a brand new ballot suggests the celebration could possibly be left with simply 53 MPs – and Rishi Sunak wouldn’t be amongst them.

Adding additional distress to a raft of dire ballot outcomes for Mr Sunak, the survey predicts he can be the primary sitting prime minister to lose his seat.

The findings additionally recommend that with 50 MPs, the Lib Dems could possibly be battling the Tories for second place.

The Savanta and Electoral Calculus polling evaluation places Labour on 516 seats, with an estimated majority of 382 – twice that gained by Sir Tony Blair in his 1997 landslide – suggesting latest Tory warnings of a Labour “super-majority” are appropriate.

However, Nigel Farage’s Reform just isn’t predicted to win any seats.

Chris Hopkins, political analysis director at Savanta mentioned: “These are figures are stark, but are a consequence of the almost unique set of events conspiring against the Conservative Party this election – from the short campaign effects of the D-Day gaffe and the rise of Reform UK, to the longer-term brand challenges going back to the mini budget and Partygate.”

He added: “We’ve been conditioned for so long to believe the Conservative Party, as the natural party of government, will always be a major political force. But our MRP projections – in partnership with Electoral Calculus – suggests that they will be fighting with the Liberal Democrats to be the Official Opposition, with Labour on for a historic majority.”

He added that his polling firm currently rate nearly 200 seats as “too close to call, meaning just small changes could have a huge impact on the outcome of this election”.

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