The Minister of Housing affirms that the drop in rental provide can’t be linked solely to the brand new regulation | Economy | EUROtoday

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The Minister of Housing, Isabel Rodríguez, responded this Thursday in Barcelona to the voices that declare that the housing regulation accepted final yr has brought on a drop within the provide of rental residences. “Whether or not the rental offer is withdrawn is not exclusive to the year in which the law is in effect, nor to three months. [de aplicación de la regulación de rentas en Cataluña]. If data prior to the law is analyzed, from 2019 to 2023, residential homes have already been removed for other purposes. There are private reports [de Idealista, en este caso] “They talk about a 28% withdrawal in that period,” he responded about the impact of the new rule on the market. “I am aware that political debates transcend the norm and sometimes it is more difficult to combat a sensation than reality,” he concluded throughout an occasion on the Círculo de Economía the place he additionally revealed that, along with the Ministry of Universities, they’re learning forcing non-public universities to create residences when they’re established in small cities. Furthermore, he has blamed the autonomous communities for not making use of the non-payment of lease insurance coverage offered for within the Housing Plan.

Rodríguez has been invited by the Círculo the identical week that the Barcelona strain group has introduced a observe on housing. A piece the place she is dedicated to selling public-private collaboration to create social residences, resorting to organized leases, and questions rental regulation. After presenting the Ministry's roadmap, the colloquium's questions went to the purpose and included particular requests from firms within the sector. Hence the minister's response concerning the withdrawal of the supply. The query that the Colonial Carmina Ganyet board had requested was whether or not the Ministry has any intention of reworking the areas declared burdened so that provide doesn’t decline. Rodríguez has additionally defended the “technical rigor” with which the value index was launched in Catalonia, with the collaboration of pros from the Generalitat.

The authorized certainty demanded by the true property sector has been the topic of one other query, on this case by Miguel Trias, from the Cuatrecasas agency and member of the Círculo board of administrators. The jurist has warned that the adjustments launched within the Civil Procedure Law that enable susceptible households to stay of their properties if the landlords are giant homeowners, hurt the landlords: “Capital is globalized and if we do not offer legal certainty, “He will go somewhere else,” he assured, and asked him to “rectify immediately, as in the Law of Yes Means Yes.” “Is there a possibility of rectifying the vulnerability?” he has insisted. The minister responded that “vulnerability goes beyond housing policy and “it must be addressed through other policies of social rights and care for people.” And additionally that “delinquency is not a problem with rent, it is irrelevant according to the real estate associations I met with recently.” In any case, she said, program 10 of the State Housing Plan “planned to support income with a guarantee, income insurance, which the autonomous communities could use, but they have not done so”; and that the Housing Law supplies for “funds against non-payments.”

Asked concerning the tensions that seasonal leases trigger out there, Rodríguez revealed that the Government has detected that, “in cities where universities are established, the rental market is tense.” “The implementation of private universities must also be conditioned on them coming with a residence under their arm.” The minister has additionally indicated that this summer season the Ministry will start to work on the brand new Housing Plan, and that to get the diagnoses proper, a brand new common path might be created to work on the information.

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