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L'Bashir Biazar affair takes a political flip. The 48-hour administrative detention of this 41-year-old Iranian nationwide, thought of by France as an “agent of influence linked to the intelligence services of the Islamic Republic of Iran”, was prolonged by 28 days. Targeted since May 22 by an expulsion order from French territory for the intense threats he would pose towards “public order and the fundamental interests of the State”, this former government of the general public radio and tv group Iranian girl, dwelling in France for 2 years alongside her spouse and two youngsters on a long-term visa, is mobilizing the whole Iranian state equipment which is actively demanding her launch.

READ ALSO EXCLUSIVE. Bashir Biazar: the explosive affair which poisons relations between France and Iran “The decision of the French court to expel Bashir Biazar within 28 days is illegal and violates human rights,” denounced, Monday June 17, on X (previously Twitter) Kazem Gharibabadi, deputy head of the Iranian judiciary accountable for worldwide affairs, additionally secretary common of the Iranian High Council for Human Rights. “Knowing that a return ticket has been prepared and that there is no legal obstacle to leaving (French territory), why does France continue to arbitrarily detain this Iranian citizen? We strongly condemn this practice and continue to deploy our efforts to ensure his release as quickly as possible. »

“Threat” for France

An indication of the significance that the authorities of the Islamic Republic connect to the case of Bashir Biazar, the destiny of this affirmed supporter of the Iranian regime has been solid within the presidential election on June 28. Indeed, the ultraconservative candidate, Amir Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi, in flip known as for his launch. In doing so, the pinnacle of the highly effective Martyrs' Foundation didn’t hesitate to attract a parallel with the instances of Assadollah Assadi, a diplomat spy for the Islamic Republic, and Hamid Nouri, a former Iranian deputy prosecutor.

Respectively sentenced to twenty years in jail in Belgium for terrorism, and to life imprisonment in Sweden for “violation of international humanitarian law and murder”, the 2 males have been launched to everybody’s shock in May 2023 and in June 2024 within the favor of exchanges with Western hostages arbitrarily detained in Iran.

READ ALSO EXCLUSIVE. France-Iran: the disturbing incidents which punctuated the discharge of Louis Arnaud According to the expulsion order issued towards Bashir Biazar, this particular person, who arrived in France in January 2022, would symbolize a menace to “public order and the fundamental interests of the State”. The Interior Ministry considers him an “agent of influence” in relation to Unit 840 of the Al Quds Force, the exterior department of the Revolutionary Guards, the ideological military of the Islamic Republic, and believes that he could be in France on an operational mission to behave “against Iranian opponents or Jewish or Israeli targets”.

No fees

However, the French accusations are based totally on Bashir Biazar's pro-Palestinian publications on social networks. “Zionists have never been so alone, hated, defeated and humiliated! », wrote, for example, on December 3 on X this former secretary of the Islamic Student Association, an organization based in London and remotely controlled by Iran. “State propaganda” geared toward selling “anti-Zionism and anti-Americanism”, which Place Beauvau considers to be “political-religious interference”, in keeping with the expulsion order which describes his case as a “an absolute emergency”.

READ ALSO Joe Biden spares Iran… and annoys France However, 17 days after his arrest within the metropolis of Dijon, Bashir Biazar remains to be in a detention heart with out having been charged, whereas France, like Iran, formally desires his expulsion from French territory as shortly as attainable. “There is nothing, at the level of law, which justifies this measure”, denounced his lawyer Me Rachid Lemoudaa with Agence France-Presse. “Bashir Biazar expressed himself on his Instagram account as anyone could do freely in a state of law. » According to his advice, Bashir Biazar would consider starting a hunger strike.

A “political” affair

“Being an agent of influence of Al Quds is not a crime, unless the acts committed are contrary to the law, just as campaigning for Palestine is not reprehensible,” feedback a Western diplomatic supply. interviewed by Point. “I don't understand why this type of case is not handled quickly by an expulsion rather than by a standoff which will turn to our disadvantage because the judge will have an empty file. This will give food for thought to the conservatives in Iran who will claim to have made France bend. »

READ ALSO Ebrahim Raïssi, the tragic end of the “butcher of Tehran” In Tehran, we’re satisfied that the affair is above all political, and that France has arrested an Iranian citizen, to settle scores with Iran, whereas there isn’t any scarcity of disputes between the 2 nations. “France is seeking the release of its prisoners held in Iran, but also to obtain advantages from Tehran in the region,” analyzes a Middle Eastern diplomatic supply contacted by Point. “One week before the Iranian presidential election,” provides the supply, “the French think they can also influence the vote. »

Change of tone

Three French nationals are still arbitrarily detained in Iran. These are tourists Cécile Kohler and Jacques Paris, teacher unionists in France, imprisoned since May 7, 2022 and accused of spying by the Islamic Republic, and Olivier, a third national imprisoned since October 2022, and whose family prefers to withhold the name at his request.

A fourth prisoner, Louis Arnaud, was released on June 12. The same day, French police carried out a search in the Paris region of the premises of a television channel linked to the People's Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI), a controversial opposition group considered the bête noire of the Islamic Republic.

READ ALSO “French hostage in Iran, my sister is cut off from the world” “It’s not that simple to negotiate hostages,” tempers the aforementioned Western diplomatic supply. “It’s possible but judges are not civil servants. The prosecution may, however, push for the research of facts for specific reasons which require more than 48 hours. He can thus work in concert with diplomats to let them use these deadlines and obtain a guarantee in exchange, but it is very complicated. »

Filing a complaint

The Bashir Biazar affair comes as France has recently changed its tone towards the Islamic Republic. On May 7, the Quai d'Orsay broke with its usual diplomatic language to condemn in strong terms Iran's “state hostage policy” and the “permanent blackmail of the Iranian authorities.” “After years of relative restraint vis-à-vis Iran, France has decided to change gear by establishing a balance of power with the Islamic Republic,” confides an skilled on the bilateral relationship. “Entirely linked to the case of the French hostages in Iran, the fate of Bashir Biazar aims above all to annoy Tehran by showing it that Paris also has the means to act against its agents of influence linked to Iranian services. But his file being empty, he will end up being expelled from the territory. »

READ ALSO Iran: Toomaj Salehi, the voice of the people, sentenced to death However, a new document has just been added to the file, and could complicate the fate of the Iranian national. A complaint for “complicity in an act of torture” and “intelligence with a foreign power” was filed this Thursday, June 20, earlier than the Paris public prosecutor by former Iranian political prisoners in addition to a protection affiliation. human rights. “ If Bashir Biazar have been expelled from the territory with none investigation, prosecution and, the place relevant, judgment having the ability to happen, the numerous victims of the Islamic Republic of Iran would lose the chance to acquire reality and justice for all of the crimes dedicated daily by the Iranian regime and its brokers”, underlines their lawyer Me Chirinne Ardakani. The Bashir Biazar affair has solely simply begun.