We want pro-European leaders to 'put cohesion at centre of agenda': Commissioner Ferreira | EUROtoday

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Our visitor lately described the EU’s motion on cohesion – levelling up Europe’s numerous areas – as “more than a policy: rather, a guiding principle to strengthen and unite Europe” in an op-ed. Elisa Ferreira has been the EU Commissioner answerable for Cohesion and Reforms since 2019. On Talking Europe, we talk about the end result of the European elections, and whether or not new spending priorities – together with on defence – might find yourself competing with cohesion funding wants. Despite her warnings on that, Ferreira stays optimistic. “I trust that we Europeans will be intelligent enough not to fragment Europe in such difficult times,” she tells the programme. We additionally showcase a best-of our cohesion stories over the previous 12 months, filmed by Luke Brown and Johan Bodin.