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Marine Le Pen, outgoing RN deputy for Pas-de-Calais, in Paris, June 13, 2024.

LHas the National Front (FN, now the National Rally, RN) gone, in fifty years, from “nationalist compromise”, this settlement between small far-right teams theorized by the anti-Semitic author Charles Maurras (1868-1952), merely a compromise? As a doable takeover of energy approaches, following the legislative elections of June 30 and July 7, far-right chief Marine Le Pen is displaying her need to melt her methodology, so as to reassure a France that all the time stood in his approach. An orientation that contrasts with the confrontational DNA of the celebration, maintained for half a century. A interval throughout which energy was by no means actually inside attain.

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Marine Le Pen doesn’t resign any of the xenophobic fundamentals of her motion, which denounces foreigners because the supply of the nation's ills and excludes them from the solidarity system in addition to from entry to citizenship. But a number of bulletins from the far-right chief in latest months define a brand new approach of doing issues. The most spectacular is his turnaround on the New Caledonia situation, with the promise of a brand new referendum in forty years. This change of footing, on a totemic theme of the National Front, was preceded by interviews with independence representatives. At WorldMarine Le Pen had denounced the “radical vision” of the mission of the celebration co-founded by his father and advocated a line “more respectful, less dogmatic, with the concern not to hurt anyone”.

On two topics placing the RN at odds with the European Union, Marine Le Pen additionally ensures World not desirous to enter into confrontation with the European Commission, however reasonably to barter in Brussels and persuade its European companions: whether or not it’s a reform of the Schengen space laws, to reintroduce an inner visa system, or the discount in VAT to five.5% on gasoline.

“Manichean vision”

On this final level, which might change into concrete within the occasion of the accession of Jordan Bardella, the president of the RN, to Matignon, she specifies: “While waiting to negotiate in Brussels the authorization to lower VAT on fuel to 5.5%, we will lower it to the authorized intermediate rate, i.e. 15%, and we will lower the excise – in this case the TICPE [taxe intérieure de consommation sur les produits énergétiques] – of the equivalent amount. » Two years ago, she said she wanted to interpret European texts in her own way.

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This is an astonishing change of thoughts within the historical past of the far-right celebration. “We are a Bonapartist party, it is not in our culture”, admits the outgoing RN deputy for Pas-de-Calais Bruno Bilde. For a very long time, the FN then the RN demonized the European Union – however we don't argue with the satan. As analyzed by researcher Cécile Alduy, the celebration divided the world into “two irreconcilable antagonistic camps”, guaranteeing a bipolarization putting the RN on the facet of the folks and good. In Marine Le Pen caught at phrases (Seuil, 2015), the semiologist, professor at Stanford University (California), writes: “In this Manichean vision, the political struggle is considered (…) as an essentialist struggle between “patriots” and “globalists” which cancels prematurely all debate, all compromise, all alliance. »

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