Farage is a pub bore with simplistic solutions, says Ben Wallace amid Putin row | EUROtoday

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Nigel Farage is a “pub bore” with simplistic solutions to complicated issues, stated Ben Wallace after the Reform UK chief prompt the West provoked Russia into invading Ukraine.

The former defence secretary, who will not be standing within the common election, was talking on BBC Radio 4 and stated: “I think Nigel Farage is a bit like that pub bore we have all met at the end of the bar who often says ‘if I was running the country’ and presents very simplistic answers to actually I am afraid in the 21st century complex problems.

“It is not that easy to govern a country but also to find international solutions to problems.”

Mr Wallace added: “If he became prime minister tomorrow morning, what is his solution to dealing with a President Putin that he alleges he admires? A man who remember was involved in the murder of a British citizen, Dawn Sturgess, with deployment of nerve agent in Salisbury.

“Is his answer to that ‘we provoked him’? He is going to have to deal with the real world.”

It comes after Mr Farage stated in a BBC Panorama interview that the “ever-eastward expansion of Nato and the European Union” gave Vladimir Putin a cause to justify warfare. He echoed this sentiment in a tweet on Friday evening by saying the “EU was wrong to expand eastward”.

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