Increase in refugee numbers: World Food Programme warns in opposition to cuts in growth assist | EUROtoday

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The Germany director of the UN World Food Programme (WFP), Martin Frick, has warned in opposition to rising the variety of refugees by limiting German growth assist. “If we have to cut off our aid in hunger hotspots, this will open a flank for destabilising forces,” Frick informed the Editorial Network Germany (RND).

“When people have to fight for their daily bread, we see more child marriages in the affected regions, children who are taken out of school and have to beg, families who sell their livestock and household goods – and are ultimately forced into migration.” Hunger destroys the social glue in societies, strengthens extremists and fuels battle. “That is the last thing we need right now and saving at the wrong end. Every crisis that we neglect today will come back to us as an expensive catastrophe tomorrow,” stated Frick.

Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan are significantly affected by meals insecurity. “In a fragile world, global stability must be a central goal of political action. Fighting hunger is the first step here,” stated Frick.