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Adolescence brings the thoughts to a boil. It may be seen nicely within the head of Riley, the protagonist of Reverse 2, the brand new Disney Pixar movie, a continuation of one of many manufacturing unit's best hits, which received the Oscar for finest animated characteristic movie in 2016. If in that first installment the viewer witnessed the adventures of feelings within the mind of Riley, transformed into the characters known as Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, within the sequel a brand new and highly effective feeling coexists with them: Anxiety. “When they called me to voice this character in Spanish, I was incredibly excited. “I'm amazed at the wonderful way the film talks about emotions and mental processes,” underlines Michelle Jenner, the actress who voices Anxiety, a character who also comes accompanied by Ennui (boredom), dubbed by the singer Chanel; Envy, in the voice of the singer and actress Rigoberta Bandini, and Shame, by the actor Brays Efe.

Studying what happens in the brains of adolescents is the goal of Pixar's most anticipated sequel. Candela López, creative director of Disney Character Voices and responsible for the dubbing of Spain and Portugal, considers that the other way round “It helps parents explain to their children what their emotions are like and the children themselves understand what is going on in their heads.” What goes by way of their heads is a personality “orange in color, with shapes that resemble electricity: tense and trembling and hair in spiky shapes.” This is how manufacturing designer Jason Dreamer outlined Ansiedad throughout the promotion of the movie.

Anxiety is a bunch of power that desires to guard Riley and put together her for any adverse consequence. “Luckily, now there is more and better talk about mental health. I think that Reverse 2 It captures very well how this emotion works. If Anxiety takes the reins… something has to be done. We cannot normalize it, we have to see where it comes from and treat it,” says Jenner. The actress has been on the planet of dubbing since she was 11 years previous; she was the voice of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter; by Kiara in The Lion King 2; of Bella in Beauty and the Beast (2017), and it’s the standard voice of actress Emma Watson: “I have focused on giving the character nervousness, haste, insecurity, and the need for control. Despite everything, Ansiedad is a very tender and fragile character, you just had to follow her,” she says.

For her half, regardless of her expertise in voice performing, Rigoberta Bandini admits that, at first, giving voice to Envy was very tough for her. “She is very high, very high, and she is very unpredictable. I didn't know where to get it, until Quim Roca – dubbing director – told me to create it from her small body and her desire to be seen. And she appeared! ”Bandini says. Envy is small, however bully, jealous of what others should awaken new illusions in Riley. “All of us have felt envy, the beautiful thing is that she is always a mirror, we envy those who we want to get close to. “I feel identified with that extreme admiration, that thing of idolizing someone and wanting to be them,” she acknowledges.

Anxiety (orange) and Shame (with gray sweatshirt), in Riley's control.
Anxiety (orange) and Shame (with grey sweatshirt), in Riley's management.Disney Pixar

According to Candela López, the most important problem has been to mirror the brand new feelings with respect and care, “even those that may seem negative at first, such as Anxiety and Envy, help us face different situations and enrich our lives.” The sequel to From the Reverse It additionally goes up a notch within the complexity of feelings with the looks of Ennui (boredom), to whom the singer Chanel lends her voice. “Disney wanted to keep the term in French because it is the one used in psychology. It has a very sarcastic undertone, something typical of adolescence and maturity. All the layers of her are very interesting and intelligent,” Chanel admits. The director of the movie outlined Ennui like this: “If you ask a teenager how he spent his day and he responds with 'good', that's Ennui”, an emotion that his Spanish interpreter says he hasn't felt a lot: “Not even I have felt it as a teenager, I have always had a lot of energy, that is why I have had to make a great effort in this work and I am very proud of the result. People say that they don't recognize my voice and that's good,” the singer factors out.

Chanel emphasizes that it can be crucial that “there is cinema that advances with society and helps raise new values,” she believes. Conviction supported by his co-star Brays Efe: “Pixar has been removing the 'childish' label from animated films for some time. The films reach young audiences in one way and adults – who also have the right to be excited and enjoy the cinema – in another way,” says Efe.

The actor of Paquita Salas She plays the mortified Shame, a shy guy who transforms his hoodie into an invisibility cloak when he wants to go unnoticed. “Shame is a typical emotion of adolescence. It wants to protect us from bad times, such as anxiety, that's why they arrive together,” explains Efe, “it is also related to physical awakening, a change that parents also experience, who one day have a child at home and the next have little ones. “little men and women who do not understand their bodies.” For Efe, the brand new Pixar movie ought to be seen with the household to interrupt the parable that you just can’t speak about feelings. “The different method round He taught me so much. “Disney is part of our childhood, it has created very beautiful memories for us and it is quite incredible to have been part of the production,” she insists.

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