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“Don’t give up”: Emmanuel Macron sends a “letter to the French”

One week earlier than the primary spherical of early legislative elections, the Head of State selected to jot down a “letter to the French” this Sunday night, printed by the regional press.

Emmanuel Macron first returns to his choice to dissolve the National Assembly, on the night of the European elections of June 9, specifying that he had been fascinated about the topic since effectively earlier than:

“I made this decision responsibly, with great seriousness and after reflection for several weeks. I took it in the interest of the country above all other considerations, including personal ones, having by definition no longer any electoral deadline.”he writes in the preamble. “The functioning of our Assembly and the disorder of recent months could no longer continue”he justifies, explaining that “the oppositions were preparing to overthrow the government in the fall, which would have plunged our country into a crisis at the very moment of the budget”.

He continues by assuring that “this dissolution was the only possible choice” given the state of affairs: “I could have changed prime minister and government (…). It would have been easy for me, but it didn't solve any problems. »

Emmanuel Macron, however, recognizes a “difficult and sudden decision for parliamentarians and their collaborators” and who was for the French “a surprise that arouses concern, rejection, sometimes even anger turned against [lui] ». “I understand it and I hear it. »

The President of the Republic then speaks about the upcoming elections, “a meeting of trust, serious, serious” and which raises the query of “who to govern France? “.

Between a proposal, on the far right, which “divides the nation”, “ignores climate change” And “claims to give you back purchasing power”, And one other, from the left coalition, which “refuses clarity on secularism and anti-Semitism”East “divided on the response to climate change” And “claims to respond to the injustices of our society with a massive increase in taxes for everyone”the president invitations us to decide on a 3rd manner, “that of the central bloc of Ensemble pour la République”there “better for our country”. “Not only because she protects the French and prepares for the future, but because she is the only one who can certainly block the extreme right as well as the extreme left in the second round”he justifies.

The president additionally particulars the document of his authorities, “which is undoubtedly not perfect but which would be called into question if the extremes prevailed” but in addition ensures having ” heard “ the will for change. He guarantees “much stronger and firmer responses” on “insecurity and impunity”an elevated battle “against all discrimination” and maintains that he “measures the democratic malaise”.

“Yes, the best way of governing should change profoundly. The future authorities, which can essentially replicate your vote, will deliver collectively, I hope, republicans of numerous sensibilities who may have identified by means of their braveness to oppose the extremes. »

In a twist, he guidelines out any untimely resignation within the occasion of a foul consequence: “You can belief me to behave till May 2027 as your president, protector at each second of our Republic, of our values, respectful of pluralism and your decisions, at your service and that of the nation. »

“This election is ours. You will do it. So don't be afraid, don't give in. Vote. Choose respect, ambition and justice for our nation »he enjoins in conclusion.