Prankster Coaxes CNN-Hating Trump Fan Into Making Hilariously Awkward Admission | EUROtoday

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Jason Selvig, who’s one half of The Good Liars comedy duo, uncovered the obvious hollowness of a Donald Trump supporter’s hatred for CNN when he grilled him on precisely why he despised the community.

Selvig questioned the person carrying a T-shirt that depicted former president and presumptive GOP presidential nominee Trump ― as cartoon character Calvin ― urinating on the CNN brand within the video shared on social media Thursday.

The man railed about “fake news CNN,” mentioned Trump will “cook them” and “shred them” like “a turkey” on the presidential debate the community is internet hosting subsequent week between Trump and President Joe Biden.

Trump, who has for years lashed out at CNN’s essential protection of him, can even “expose” the community for “the fraud they are,” the person added.

Selvig challenged the person on “what specifically” the community has lied about.

“I don’t know. I don’t watch it,” he replied, earlier than chuckling.

Selvig responded, “All right, well, you got a shirt that’s just peeing on it, and you call it fake news. So what specifically have they lied about? What makes them fake news?”

“I don’t know, I don’t watch it. I watch Fox News,” the person replied.

“Right. But you call them fake news. Why do you think they’re fake news? What are they saying that’s fake?” Selvig prodded once more.

The man hesitated after which silently turned away.

“All right. There you have it,” mentioned Selvig.