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Angela Rayner and rival

Robert Barrowcliffe is the younger Reform UK firebrand taking over Angela Rayner (Image: GETTY/REFORM)

Nigel Farage is “incredibly popular” with younger folks as a result of he “speaks common sense”, Reform UK’s candidate in Ashton-under-Lyne has advised the Express.

Robert Barrowcliffe, 25, is standing towards the deputy Labour chief within the Greater Manchester constituency and believes he’s in with a shot at ousting her.

He stated: “People are disillusioned with politics, especially in Ashton-under-Lyne where it is presumed to be a safe Labour seat.

“People do not bother to go out and vote because they know it will be Labour anyway. But this time around, Ashton is completely winnable for the Reform party.”

Wrestler-turned-politician Mr Barrowcliffe urged conventional Labour voters have been ready to lend their vote to Reform UK as a result of Sir Keir Starmer’s get together had deserted its core values.

He stated: “We are seeing many old Labourites now coming over to Reform because Labour is no longer the party of the working man.”

His feedback mirror these of Workers Party of Britain candidate Aroma Hassan who advised the Express Sir Keir “does not understand us”.

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Reform UK candidate Robert Barrowcliffe in Ashton under lyne

Reform UK candidate Robert Barrowcliffe says Nigel Farage is interesting to younger folks (Image: REFORM)

She stated: “He does not represent us. And therefore he cannot possibly speak for us.”

New polling revealed within the Independent right now confirmed these aged between 18 and 34 have been feeling disillusioned with all the principle political events.

Roughly 4 in 10 (41%) aged 18 to 34 have both not registered to vote (24%) or are registered however have determined to not go and vote on July 4 (17%), in line with analysis by pollster Techne.

However, in what is maybe a stunning phenomenon, Reform UK seems to be gaining assist amongst younger folks, with Mr Farage concentrating on social media platform TikTok to get his message out.

The Brexit mastermind’s movies wrack up tens of millions of views and likes on the Chinese-owned video-sharing app – and his account has virtually 800,000 followers.

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Mr Barrowcliffe conceded most college students have been nonetheless extra prone to again left-wing events however urged some younger folks have been now beginning to go towards the grain.

He stated: “Most students will vote left-wing. But these days we are seeing a rebellion against that.

“Especially from young lads and it is visible on TikTok and at gyms and sports pitches.

“They are tired of being lied to, young girls too. People are fed up. They see we have no future in this country.

“We get no support. And Labour pays lip service to this and capitalised on this sentiment.

“But those who are clued up are disillusioned with Labour and Conservative and want to vote differently.”

Asked why he thought folks his age have been turning to Reform UK, Mr Barrowcliffe urged a return to extra conventional values was driving the pattern.

He stated: “Nigel Farage is incredibly popular especially with us young lads because he speaks common sense.

“But it is more than that. We want to go out and work. We have a desire to raise a family.

“We want to have a well paid job. We want to have good wages. We want a normal life! It is not much more than that.”

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Ashton Town Hall

Ashton Town Hall is getting a revamp (Image: KENNY BROWN)

But he contended it was more and more tough for younger folks to realize their aspirations as a result of “wages were not good enough”.

He stated: “Our towns are dying. Who wants to raise children in Ashton-under-Lyne?”

And he claimed this was a part of the explanation Generation Z have been partaking with Nigel Farage.

He went on to argue as a result of the world was a closely Leave-backing space (62% there voted for Brexit) Mr Farage’s revamped Brexit Party resonated with locals.

He stated: “Around here, Brexit was not necessarily about the Customs Union or reasserting control over our own sovereignty, although these were major elements.

“I do believe it was partly due to immigration because the numbers are insane and the system cannot cope with the strain it causes on the NHS and the fact young people cannot get a well-paid job.

“But ultimately, I believe people voted for Brexit in Ashton because of the disillusionment with our political establishment – and it was a big ‘double fingers up’ to the establishment.”

At the time of writing, Mr Farage’s get together was polling at about 22% in Ashton forward of the Tories at 12.7% whereas Ms Rayner’s Labour was at about 56%.

The Green Party was on about 6% and the Lib Dems at 3%.

Mr Barrowcliffe urged George Galloway’s Workers Party of Britain would eat into the lefter-leaning of Ms Rayner’s vote share.

Ashton town centre

Ashton city centre (Image: MEN)

He stated: “They are going to take votes away from Angela Rayner. So we have a good chance.”

The would-be Reform UK MP defined Tameside had been Labour-run since earlier than he was born.

He stated: “I can’t remember a time when we did not have a Labour MP and a Labour-run council. We only have two councillors who are not Labour.”

But he went on to recommend a complacency had begun to creep in.

He stated: “It says a lot about Angela Rayner that on her ‘About Me’ page on the Labour website, there is not one word on there about what she’s done for Ashton and the surrounding towns.”

Angela Rayner was contacted for remark.