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Dince the month of May, a battle has opposed ten Poor Clare sisters, situated within the north of Spain, with the Vatican. The headquarters of the Catholic Church formally introduced the excommunications of the nuns, notably accused of belonging to a sect. On May 13, the sisters reportedly indicated that they positioned themselves below the authority of Pablo de Rojas Sanchez-Franco, an excommunicated priest, thus marking their break with the Vatican, which they accused of “doublespeak” and “contradictions.” »

The mom superior, Sister Isabel de la Trinidad, denounces “persecution” from the hierarchy, which, in line with her, precipitated the failure of a challenge to accumulate by their group one other convent, situated within the Spanish Basque Country. The sisters had been additionally given an ultimatum: they needed to seem earlier than an ecclesiastical tribunal to substantiate their choice to depart the Church. A tribunal not acknowledged by the insurgent sisters, who describe the process as a “farce.” »

Who is Pablo de Rojas Sanchez-Franco?

This spiritual, excluded from the Catholic Church in 2019, is the founding father of the “Pious union of Saint-Paul the apostle”. He claims to be a part of “sedevacantism”, a motion contemplating all of the popes who succeeded Pius XII (1939-1958) as heretics. According to theologian Luis Santamaria, Pablo de Rojas is a “false bishop”, on the head of a “sect born at the beginning of the 21st century imitating traditional Catholicism and which declares itself to be the depositary of the true Christian faith”.

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