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The Israeli Defense Minister travels to the United States to debate the event of the struggle in Gaza and unblock the cargo of weapons

Israel's Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, left this Sunday for Washington with the mission of unblocking a cargo of heavy weapons held by the US authorities and which this week prompted the nation's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to publish an indignant criticism wherein he denounced the dearth of American assist for Israeli operations in Gaza.

“I felt that making it public was absolutely necessary,” the Israeli president later informed the Punchbowl information portal, “after months of quiet talks that did not resolve the problem (…) There has been a big slowdown in the supply of ammunition and weapons important (…) that are necessary now to quickly win the war in Gaza and avoid a war in Lebanon.”

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has responded to Netanyahu's order by ensuring that Washington has not changed its position of withholding the shipment of weapons, which includes high-powered bombs, for fear that they will be used in a large-scale offensive on Rafah to cause even more harm to civilians. “We have a case that the president (Joe Biden) has spoken about publicly about 900-kilogram bombs and the concerns we have about their use in densely populated areas. That's still pending. We continue working on it,” Blinken stated.

Gallant leaves, based on the Israeli media, with the intention of explaining the Israeli place to his counterpart Lloyd Austin, to Blinken, and to the director of the CIA, William Burns, all the time maintaining in thoughts that “the relationship with the United States is more important than never,” based on Gallant, in a video printed earlier than his departure final evening. Gallant, within the video, describes the upcoming conferences as “critical for the future of the Gaza war” and guarantees that he can even handle the scenario in Lebanon, the place clashes towards Hezbollah have intensified much more in latest days.