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In Lyon, Freemasonry sounds the alarm: “The extreme right in power is assumed state xenophobia”

The feeling of urgency introduced collectively practically 2 hundred members of various denominations of Freemasonry on Sunday morning in a public sq. within the heart of Lyon, to “sound the alarm” in opposition to the prospect of the far proper gaining energy. “There are only a few days left to save the Republic from a slide towards chaos”declared Gloria Guerra-Villalobos, regional consultant of the Grand Orient of France, satisfied that “France is going through a historically dangerous moment”. “Behind methodical, skillful and sneaky marketing, its ideology has not changed. The extreme right is the risk of assumed state xenophobia. Its goal is to break up society into separate groups.insisted the advisor to the Order of the Grand Orient of France.

While denouncing “certain foil individuals with unacceptable postures”Freemason representatives refuse to conflate the acute proper and the acute left. “It’s a trap which consists of standardizing the extreme right, let’s be careful not to put everything in the same bag”warns Gloria Guerra Villalobos. “LFI [La France insoumise], it's not the extreme left, saying that is propaganda. The far right is contrary to our fundamental values, it conveys limitless ultraliberalism”estimates Mariane Duflot, 64, from Roanne (Loire).

Gathered in entrance of the bust of Edouard Herriot, former mayor of Lyon from 1905 to 1957, members of lodges got here from all around the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes area to level “extreme danger” to see the Lepenist get together win the legislative elections. “We don’t demonstrate often, the situation demands it. Anger is strong in the countryside with medical deserts and the dismantling of public services, the far right is the bad solution”estimates Pierre Mercier, 81 years previous, initially from Nantua (Ain), excessive floor of resistance.

Like Monistrol (Haute-Loire), the place Dominique Berger, 65, got here from to remind us that “the National Rally was originally founded by those nostalgic for collaboration”. “The current representatives of the extreme right are no more compatible with democracy than were their predecessors”declared Bernard Dekoker-Suarez, grand grasp of the common combined grand lodge.

Richard Schittly (Lyon, correspondent)