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According to François Molins, the acute proper represents “the greatest threat”, significantly for “values ​​of justice”

The excessive proper represents “the greatest threat”particularly for “values ​​of justice” and of “respect for dignity”estimates the previous excessive Justice of the Peace François Molins in an extract, broadcast Monday on the social communityfrom a video interview to the location Freeze frames.

Six days earlier than the primary spherical of early legislative elections, the retired Justice of the Peace describes the political state of affairs as “complicated” And “dangerous”. In this extract from an interview which have to be broadcast in full on Monday night, the previous prosecutor normal on the Court of Cassation denounces “a little music that is rising where we are increasingly calling into question things that are inherent to the rule of law”.

Mr. Molins says to himself ” worried “ of the “politicians, sometimes even ministers”who discuss ““legal coup”” – an expression utilized by Laurent Wauquiez (LR) in opposition to selections of the Constitutional Council on migration issues – and which “keep[ent] the right not to respect (…) certain court decisions ». “The rule of law is still a situation in which we set limits to the action of the State”he remembers.

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Referring to statements on the migration challenge, Mr. Molins admits to having “a little cold in the back”. ” I am very worried (…) for certain values ​​in which I believe”he confides, evoking “values ​​of solidarity”of ” sharing “of “dialogue”of ” justice “of ” peace “ and of “respect for people’s dignity”. “I think that respect and dignity cannot be modulated according to nationality, whether you are French or not, or the color of your skin”he adds. “Me, personally, I find that the greatest threat we have today in our country, in fact, is the threat of the extreme right”concludes Mr. Molins.