“The president provokes a rejection which weakens our institutions” | EUROtoday

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Director of research on the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS), Dominique Schnapper questions developments in democracy by way of her sociological work. She revealed at present The Disillusions of Democracy (Gallimard, 288 pages, 22 euros).

In your guide, you deplore the rise of maximum democracy, what do you imply by that? How does it manifest?

Plato, Montesquieu and Tocqueville have already highlighted the potential excesses of democracy. Returning to those authors permits us to consider this second when the ideas which based it, that’s to say the liberty and equality of residents, threat turning in opposition to it. The aspiration to freedom can then turn into a libertarianism that’s hostile or detached to widespread norms. The excessive aspiration for equality can result in types of egalitarianism which might erase the singularities and distinctions constituting the human situation and social life. In truth, the excellence between an elected official and a citizen, between a trainer and a scholar, between a physician and a affected person is much less nicely accepted at present. Democratic dynamics can have results opposite to their guarantees.

We are witnessing the rise of social tensions which forestall the holding of rational debates which, together with the spirit of compromise, are a part of democratic observe. Respect for establishments, vital for democratic observe, is shaken. The assault launched on January 6, 2021, in opposition to the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump, satisfied that the presidential election had been rigged, represents a critical instance of this disintegration. In France, some proceed to query the legitimacy of Emmanuel Macron's election, as a result of they have been compelled to vote for him in 2022 to dam the far proper. But, in a democracy, it’s typical to vote usually with out enthusiasm for the one who will handle the affairs of collective life finest or least badly. Enthusiasm for the chief is extra usually for a tyrant.

The dissolution was seen as a “gamble” taken by the president, disregarding the danger he would run within the occasion of a victory for the National Rally. This story provides to the distrust he’s topic to and which you discuss in your guide…

Part of the inhabitants has a selected hatred for him. None of our presidents have escaped some type of hatred, however this sense should stay managed, in any other case democracy can not perform usually. When it involves our president, we come to overlook that he was elected in accordance with the Constitution. We can disagree along with his choice to dissolve the Assembly and criticize it, with out falling into hatred. Emmanuel Macron continues to be perceived as an smug man. I don't know if that is true, however this notion has turn into an vital political issue. The aspiration for equality signifies that Democrats are likely to refuse all types of superiority. Today, the president is inflicting a rejection that’s weakening our establishments. In democratic politics, political adversaries should not turn into enemies. Hate corrupts democracy.

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