The Trade Union Association of Bullfighting Professionals (ASPROT) calls for within the courts the appliance of the National Extrastatutory Agreement | Culture | EUROtoday

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The Criminal Investigation Courts No. 3 of Córdoba and Cádiz have admitted to processing two complaints from the Trade Union Association of Bullfighting Professionals (ASPROT) towards a number of representatives of the Junta de Andalucía “for alleged crimes of prevarication and against the rights of workers in the bullfighting sector, for giving exclusivity of work contract visas to the Statutory National Bullfighting Collective Agreement and excluding and preventing the application of the other existing Agreement in the sector, the Extra-statutory Agreement, which fully complies with the requirement demanded in the regulatory standard,” according to It is stated in a statement made public by the organization chaired by former bullfighter Luis Miguel Calvo.

Always according to ASPROT, the Cordoba court has summoned the Delegate of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía in Córdoba, Adolfo Molina Rascón, and the Head of the Entertainment and Games Service, Francisco José Palacios Wizner, as investigators for allegedly favoring the associations. professional signatories of the Statutory Agreement, ANOET (businessmen), UNIÓN DE TOREROS (killers), UNPBE (picadores and banderilleros) and ASNAME (sword bearers), harming the extra-statutory national agreement to which the complainant association belongs as a member.

Likewise, and for the same reason, the Criminal Investigation Court No. 3 of Cádiz has ordered the investigation against the Government Delegate in Cádiz, Mercedes Colombo Roquette, and the head of Entertainment Services of the Delegation, José María Morales Macías.

In the opinion of ASPROT, these actions show “a more than presumed plot by the Junta de Andalucía in its desire to support the associations that signed the aforementioned statutory agreement, despite having in their possession different judicial resolutions that endorse the legality of both. agreements.”

On the other hand, the Trade Union Association of Bullfighting Professionals has filed another complaint for the same reasons, this time for alleged falsification of documents, against the head of services of the General Directorate of Entertainment in Seville, and announces other lawsuits against other senior officials. of the Andalusian autonomous administration.

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