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Emmanuel Macron, June 24, 2024 at the Elysée.

Six days earlier than the primary spherical of legislative elections which he wished to be introduced early, Emmanuel Macron continues to marketing campaign, towards the recommendation of a part of his camp, with significantly surprising sentences. After the open letter to the French broadcast by the regional every day press, the Head of State was the visitor, Monday June 24, of the podcast “Generation Do It Yourself”, through which he, as soon as once more, returned again to again the National Rally (RN) and La France insoumise (LFI) “and those who follow” these “two extremes” whose applications will lead, in line with him, “to the civil war”.

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“The response of the far right” by way of insecurity, “because it refers people to a religion or an origin (…) divides and (…) pushes for civil war », he said. THE “rebellious”, they suggest “a form of communitarianism” however, in line with him, “that’s also the civil war behind it”.

“People are not idiots”

“When we are fed up with everything, when life is hard on a daily basis, we can be tempted by extremes which have quicker solutions. But the solution will never be in the rejection of the other”, he continued. If he acknowledges that “the National Rally and La France insoumise respond to real problems, (…) real anger, real anxieties”he thinks they “respond poorly to [ses] eyes (…) by increasing conflict ». “I believe that there is an answer through greater efficiency, but in the Republic”he insisted.

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“Regarding those who are tempted by the two extremes, what we must do in the next two or three years is to say, we must be much firmer, much stronger wherever the Republic is not not up to the standards of security and impunity” Or “at the meeting of equal opportunities”.

“People are not idiots. The whole system thinks people are stupid. Do you think people are crazy and want blocking or extremes, if we calmly explain what the projects are? I don’t think so, I’ve always made that bet”, he continued. Before concluding that the outcomes, on the night of the second spherical, July 7, wouldn’t be “no one’s fault” however the expression of “responsibility of the French”.

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Attal doesn’t use the identical phrases, however stays alarmist

Questioned, within the course of, on France 5, the Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, who’s main the marketing campaign on the bottom for the presidential camp, didn’t repeat the phrases of ” civil war “ however nonetheless confirmed himself to be alarmist, accusing the RN and LFI of getting the “hate as fuel” and contribute “to pit one against the other” with a “form of confessionalization of politics”. “ Probably the victory of the extremes, of the extreme right, would liberate” of the “impulses and could actually lead to violence”he added.

Some candidates from the presidential camp, comparable to Christophe Marion, outgoing deputy who’s representing himself in Loir-et-Cher, notice that ” the rejection “ of the top of state “is very strong”. Mr. Marion additionally specifies on his marketing campaign poster that he’s the “candidate of Gabriel Attal, Prime Minister” for Together, with out photograph of Emmanuel Macron.

To those that criticize the media presence of the President of the Republic, his entourage, quoted by Agence France-Presse (AFP), responds that he’s “in his place,” replies[ant] to questions requested by the French”. “Those who criticize him for speaking out today would accuse him of hiding if he didn't. His only interest is the French, not the Parisian microcosm”provides a relative, nonetheless cited by AFP.

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