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People ready in France for the top of the Rwanda scheme earlier than coming to Britain is “evidence of the deterrent effect” of the plan, Home Office minister Michael Tomlinson has mentioned.

He instructed Times Radio: “The deterrent is not fully in place, but we’re already seeing the effects of that deterrent, and we’ve seen overnight the breaking news from the Telegraph on the front pages, where there are those who are in northern France, who are waiting, delaying their journey because they do not like the Rwanda scheme, they do not want to be deported to Rwanda.

“And folks have been asking me for weeks, for months, the place is the proof of the deterrent impact? Well, there it’s, writ massive.

“We saw last month when the Rwanda Act was passed, we saw migrants moving from the United Kingdom into Ireland, we’ve got the evidence literally overnight, from those in northern France.

“And then, after all, if we vote for the Conservative Party on the fourth of July, the planes are booked, the airstrip is prepared, and the planes will take off, and that is when the complete deterrent impact will kick in.”