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The first stays of infamy and ignominy have already emerged within the previous cemetery of San Eufrasio in Jaén, the place the family of 1,286 victims of Franco's reprisals have been ready for greater than 80 for the exhumation of the our bodies. The province of Jaén was, no doubt, one of many territories that skilled each the Civil War and the next years of Franco's rule with the best cruelty.

Episodes of the civil strife such because the siege of the sanctuary of the Virgen de la Cabeza, within the coronary heart of the Sierra Morena; the battle of Lopera in December 1936, the place the worldwide brigade members Ralph Winston Fox and the poet Rupert John Cornford died; or the fateful bombing of April 1, 1937, whose order is attributed to General Queipo de Llano, which killed 157 individuals within the previous city of the capital of Jaén, are a few of the components of the documentary Jaén, Wind of the Peoplewhich rescues the reminiscence of the Civil War within the province of Jaén.

“We came from visiting some cities where the war was different and we arrived in Jaén and found an absolutely different context. In other provinces there was no war and here we find a battle,” stated Remedios Malvárez, co-director of the audiovisual, made by Producciones Singulares and which has simply premiered within the Jaén Provincial Council.

The movie, which can now tour totally different Andalusian municipalities as a part of the Film and Memory Days, takes as its title one in every of Miguel Hernández's best-known poems. The poet from Alicante was one of many symbols of the anti-Franco battle on this province, the place he arrived in March 1937 as Commissioner of Culture of the Southern Front Speaker. “The symbolism of Hernand's work, which had Jaén very present, is very widespread in this documentary,” signifies Arturo Andújar, the opposite creator of this audiovisual. “Jaén is my land, that of my parents and grandparents and, therefore, investigating the history of this province that has suffered so much repression after the war has been very hard but, at the same time, comforting,” he provides.

Miguel Hernández went to the front to read poetry to the soldiers, like many writers who were members of the Alliance of Anti-Fascist Intellectuals.
Miguel Hernández went to the entrance to learn poetry to the troopers, like many writers who had been members of the Alliance of Anti-Fascist Intellectuals.David Seymour / Magnum Photos / ContactoPhoto (David Seymour / Magnum Photos / ContactoPhoto)

The documentary, which is 60 minutes lengthy and can arrive subsequent yr on the totally different audiovisual platforms, locations the viewer within the yr 1936 and revolves across the exhumation processes of the mass graves within the province of Jaén and in addition the tales of household and specialists.

“It is necessary not to forget, to tell where we come from to know where we are going, and that is what we have intended in this documentary piece,” says producer and director Remedios Malvárez. Jaén, Wind of the People continues the sequence of documentary works associated to democratic reminiscence in Andalusia as Cádiz, land with reminiscence y Cádiz, past oblivion or the latest Reja Peak, the reality that the earth hides. Some work that led the Andalusian Film Writers Association (Asecam) to current Malvárez with the Josefina Molina Prize this yr.

This documentary sequence has the help of Democratic Memory associations. The president of the Association for the Recovery of the Historical Memory of Jaén, Miguel Ángel Valdivia, has inspired these audiovisuals to be projected in all cities and, above all, in academic facilities. “When the history of contemporary Spain is studied, it must be seen as a struggle of the people to defend democracy and freedom,” he claimed.

Slow course of

Also the Provincial Council of Jaén, which already participated within the financing of the documentary, highlights the pedagogical facet of any such work. “They are key to raising awareness because they allow us to remember and honor those who made an effort to achieve a democratic regime and fought against the Franco dictatorship, on many occasions at the cost of their own lives,” highlighted the vp and deputy for Culture, África Colomo. .

A team of archaeologists from the University of Jaén (UJA) works on grave 702 in November 2022.
A staff of archaeologists from the University of Jaén (UJA) works on grave 702 in November 2022.Jose Manuel Pedrosa (EFE)

The recording of this audiovisual tape has virtually coincided in time with the looks of the primary stays of Franco's reprisals within the previous San Eufrasio cemetery in Jaén. It was final February when the primary bones of victims emerged in grave 548, one of many three within the cemetery the place researchers imagine the stays of 1,286 reprisal victims are positioned, most of them within the well-known grave 702, also referred to as the “ “pen of the hanged.”

However, even though the Jaén City Council (ruled by PP and Jaén Deserves More) final November gave its approval to the exhumation undertaking within the frequent graves, the reality is that hardly 110,000 euros of the greater than 400,000 within the first subsidy from the Government of Spain for these actions. With this preliminary work, work was accomplished on the delimitation of grave 548 and the switch of the monument to those that had been retaliated in opposition to in grave 702. “Everything is going very slowly and we do not see much political will in our municipal officials to advance in this field and respond to the problem.” need of hundreds of family of victims of Franco's repression,” says Valdivia. And there is still no funding to undertake work on pit 702, the largest. A paralysis (the exhumations are currently paralyzed) that is in tune with the limbo in which the Second Democratic Memory Plan of Andalusia is, which the Andalusian Government has frozen.

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