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The socialist municipal group has displayed a 60-metre-long rainbow flag on the balcony of its headquarters following the refusal of the local government, made up of PP and Vox, to place it on the façade of the town hall.
The socialist municipal group has displayed a 60-metre-long rainbow flag on the balcony of its headquarters following the refusal of the native authorities, made up of PP and Vox, to position it on the façade of the city corridor.PSPV

The mayor of Valencia, María José Catalá, of the PP, assured this Wednesday that the City Council doesn’t put flags on the municipal balcony and has regretted the “desire for protagonism” of the socialists, within the opposition, by displaying a 60-meter LGTBI flag. meters in size within the home windows of its municipal group, situated in entrance of the principle City Hall constructing. Catalá has spoken in these phrases after being requested concerning the criticism from the socialists after the City Council has not hung the LGTBI flag on the balcony as occurred in earlier years. Catalá has identified that she doesn’t put flags on the balcony both on Pride day or on ALS, Alzheimer's, or Cancer day, which has earned her quite a few criticisms on social networks for the chosen comparability. Catalá denounces that her phrases have been manipulated.

Catalá has insisted that “diversity is already a social flag”: “It is not a political flag. Diversity and the freedom to love in this city do not belong to anyone and we politicians do wrong when we want to patrimonize flags that are no longer of politics, that are of society, regardless of the person for whom we vote.” “If we are defending the freedom for people to love whoever they want, they should also vote for whoever they want, regardless of issues that are social achievements that we have achieved together,” he added.

“We decided many months ago to transform those flags, which, by the way, were made of a plastic material, and we also wanted to set an example for the European Green Capital by transforming that type of material into electronic material,” he recalled. And he concluded: “I greatly respect the freedom of my opposition to put whatever they consider in their offices, but if I put up the Pride flag, I also put up the Alzheimer's flag, the ALS flag, the Cancer flag, and I also put up the flags for all the social needs that this city has.”

The statements of the mayor of Valencia have set social networks on fireplace for evaluating the Pride Day flag with different flags or banners associated to the day devoted to ailments corresponding to ALS or most cancers. “It seems unbelievable that Catalá has to be reminded that being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transsexual is not an illness, so what he has to do is apologize to all the LGTBI people whom he has pathologized and made invisible with these statements,” he mentioned. demanded the socialist councilor of Valencia Nuria Llopis. The spokesperson for Compromís within the Valencian capital, Papi Robles, has addressed Catalá to inform him that being an LGTBI individual “is not an illness” and has careworn that LGTBI visibility “has always helped advance rights, if you make it invisible it is that you want to remove them.”

The Minister for Equality, Ana Redondo, commented on a social community: “Dear mayor, the WHO removed homosexuality from its list of psychiatric illnesses in 1990, in the last century. Loving is not an illness. Living as each person feels and wants to live is not either.” The spokesperson for Sumar within the Congress of Deputies, Íñigo Errejón, additionally referred to the phrases of the Valencian mayor. “What the mayor of Valencia, from the PP, says is that she does not put up the pride flag because she does not put up the flag of any kind of sick person. She should apologize or resign immediately,” he wrote. And the socialist spokesperson within the Madrid City Council, Reyes Maroto, additionally censured her: “I don’t know if what the mayor of Valencia did is ignorance, bad faith or both. Pathologization and stigma are back. The true face of the PP always ends up coming out, whether in Madrid or Valencia…”

Mayor María José Catalá herself has come out in a tweet to denounce that her phrases have been manipulated: “I don’t tolerate manipulation. In my statements this morning I discuss worldwide days, I don’t make comparisons. Diversity and the best to be, specific oneself, relate, dwell and love freely have to be above ideologies and partisanship. Now it’s OK”.