“I experience it as a great pain that the loyalty of dual nationals can be questioned in this way” | EUROtoday

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Lhe obligation of neutrality and loyalty is on the coronary heart of civil servant ethics. He serves the State, he doesn’t serve this or that political occasion. In the train of his features, he proposes freely and he applies loyally. The corollary is the obligation of reserve: a civil servant, particularly when he belongs to the senior executives of the State, doesn’t must get entangled publicly within the political debate. However, he stays a citizen. He can’t summary himself from politics when the future of the nation is at stake, act “as if” and apply orders, no matter they could be, with out batting an eyelid. He serves the Republic, and never simply the State.

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Many of us are due to this fact questioning what to do if the National Rally (RN) comes into authorities. Shouldn't we resist from inside? Keep our heads down for 3 years and see what occurs? And, in spite of everything, it might be a type of cohabitation: wouldn't the President of the Republic act as a “shield”? In quick, as Pierre Bayard writes on this essay, which is so helpful in our troubled instances, revealed by Editions de Minuit, ” would I have been resistant or executioner? »

For those who still doubted it, the declarations of Jordan Bardella, for whom the “ sensitive positions » would be prohibited to dual nationals, confirm what we already knew: the RN is in line with the racist Vichy regime, this “So-called “French” state” that General de Gaulle, the honor of France, declared null and void.

Slow down careers

In 2024, it will no longer be the Jews (their turn will come), but the Arabs and Muslims. Because it goes without saying that not all dual nationals are equal. For good measure – the far right in the 21ste century shows its paw as white as the wolf at the entrance to the sheepfold – it will suffice to link this ban to a vague terrorist risk, and that's it: the exceptional laws passed over the last fifteen years have prepared us for it .

It will undoubtedly be a very XXI versione century: not by a law or a decree, which could be censored, but through, outside the control of the judge, authorizations for secrecy and appointments at the discretion of the government. It is so easy for an organized and methodical power to slow down careers, to remove nuisances and to cultivate suspicion: “Is your cousin an imam? It's annoying. »

We are 1000’s of twin nationals – and even many extra, as a result of, opposite to what the RN thinks, we aren’t organized in a fifth-column “group” which might spend its time counting itself – occupying main positions within the state equipment, together with in so-called “sensitive” positions, whether or not on the Quai d'Orsay, within the armies, within the police and gendarmerie or within the intelligence companies.

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