Here trailer – Tom Hanks stars in millennia-spanning epic set in a single room | Films | Entertainment | EUROtoday

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Based on the graphic novel of the identical title, Here follows the occasions on a single spot of land and its inhabitants.

Spanning millennia, the story focuses settles in on a twentieth century couple in a room performed by Tom Hanks and Robin Wright.

As you’ll be able to see within the gorgeous first trailer, the Forrest Gump stars reunited with director Robert Zemeckis have been digitally de-aged for some scenes.

Here’s official synopsis reads: “From the reunited director, writer, and stars of Forrest Gump, Here is an original film about multiple families and a special place they inhabit. The story travels through generations, capturing the human experience in its purest form. “Directed by Robert Zemeckis, screenplay by Eric Roth & Zemeckis and told much in the style of the acclaimed graphic novel by Richard McGuire on which it is based, Tom Hanks and Robin Wright star in a tale of love, loss, laughter and life, all of which happen right Here.”

Here hits cinemas on November 15, 2024.