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David Bull Sir Keir Starmer

David Bull believes Sir Keir Starmer will take the UK again into the bloc ‘by the again door’ (Image: GETTY)

Keir Starmer’s Labour Party will take Britain again into the European Union “via the back door”, Reform UK’s Deputy Leader, has claimed.

David Bull – who is standing in West Suffolk against Nick Timothy – Theresa May’s former chief of staff – also suggested his party was on the verge of a significant breakthrough with some recent polls even suggesting it was nudging ahead of the Conservative Party.

During a break from campaigning, the qualified medical doctor pinpointed one election issue as paramount.

He told “We’ve been saying that that is the immigration election, as a result of while you’ve had two-and-a-half million folks come into this nation within the final two years, there isn’t any means we are able to cope.

“And everyone knows that, you know, you can’t see a GP, you can’t get treated in hospital, you can’t get a house.

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David Bull and Nigel Farage when both were Brexit Party MEPs

David Bull and Nigel Farage when both were Brexit Party MEPs (Image: GETTY)

“50,000 unlawful migrants have come into Britain since Sunak has been Prime Minister.

“Keir Starmer received’t make any distinction, and likewise he desires nearer alignment with the European Union.

“And there will be an onus on us to take, we believe, 100,000 illegal migrants into this country because it will be shared out across Europe.

“I don’t believe a word that Keir Starmer says and essentially we are going between two monolithic parties with no drive, no vision, no backbone and I suppose in many ways, both of them are espousing managed decline of the country.”

With specific attention to Sir Keir, Mr Bull claimed the former Director of Public Prosecutions was deliberately avoiding talking about what he would do should he become Prime Minister after next week’s general election.


Britain’s Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader, Rishi Sunak speaking this week (Image: POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

He explained: “He 100 percent wants to return the UK to the EU via the back door. He’s all over it.

“He said it, he wants closer ties with Europe. And what was the point of the referendum? We voted to leave.

“We haven’t left, we put a border in the Irish Sea. It’s just totally unacceptable.

“Tell me another country in Europe that would literally divide itself on the whim of the governing party, the whole thing was shambolic.

“And so when people say well, Brexit hasn’t worked well, I would argue we haven’t actually had Brexit yet.”

Such concerns were being reflected on the doorstep, stressed former Brexit Party MEP Mr Bull.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage, pictured in Durham this afternoon (Image: Stuart Mitchell)

He explained: “We’ve had huge swathes of Conservative voters coming over, but we’re now seeing Labour voters, Brexiteer Labour voters, those people who voted for me in the European elections in the north-west, also coming across.

“We’ve got a few days to go but actually I think it’s all in play. I think the Labour leader is soft.

“Now the question then arises, can we translate votes into seats in the first-past-the-post system, which is really difficult for us.

“I think it’s very difficult to predict. We started the campaign and said, ‘look, what does success look like one or two seats?’

“We just can’t tell because we are consistently polling ahead of the Conservative Party.

“If we get up to 23 or 24 percent we go into the territory of having 40 seats.

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“So I think the message from from us is, the Tories are now so desperate they’re saying a vote for reform gets Labour.

“Well, no, actually a vote for the Tories gets Labour. Because you have nothing to lose given that Labour is going to win. You need to vote with your heart.”

Labour’s manifesto pledges to maintain the UK outdoors of the European Union and guidelines out any return to the European single market and customs union or a reintroduction for freedom of motion.

However, talking final month Sir Keir talked up the prospect of nearer hyperlinks with the bloc when it got here to defence, safety, schooling and commerce.

He defined: “We’ve got to take that on, a closer relationship, I think not just in trade but also I think in defence.

“I believe there’s large scope for nearer work on defence and safety. And additionally schooling, by the best way, I believe we may do rather a lot nearer work on.”