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Health specialists have shared six crimson flag signs of dehydration you want to concentrate on after knowledge of excessive temperatures within the UK, in addition to details about steps it’s best to take to remain protected. The Met Office and the UK Health Secuti company issued a warmth well being alert due to the excessive temperatures – forecast to hit 30C this week,

Health specialists at NowPatient have shared six widespread indicators of dehydration to look out for, in addition to 5 suggestions that will help you keep hydrated throughout a heatwave.

Navin Khosla, pharmacist at NowPatientstated: “Large parts of the UK are experiencing high temperatures and although it’s welcome news to many, it can pose a serious health risk to those who fall into the vulnerable category, which is why it’s crucial to keep hydrated, stay in the shade and apply sun cream throughout the day.

“Staying hydrated is the key to feeling fit and healthy during these hot periods, and you shouldn’t be taking drinking water for granted in a heatwave – it really is essential. I would try to recommend drinking 20% more than your usual intake and replacing the consumption of tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, and sugary drinks with water. This change may not be to everyone’s taste, so you could add flavour to your drinks through fruits, whilst milk and smoothies are also good options to help replenish a lack of fluids.

“Some of the advice I can give you is perhaps more forthright, and I cannot stress enough the importance of checking your urine. This may not be a common thought for most people, but the colour and smell of your urine is a key indicator when it comes to dehydration, and it should become apparent to you if it is dark yellow in colour and strong smelling.”

Six indicators of dehydration embody…

Five suggestions that will help you maintain hydrated throughout a heatwave

1 – Drink loads of water

Staying hydrated from the beginning of the day is important, particularly if you’re working within the warmth. Hydrate earlier than work so you aren’t behind for the day; if you happen to solely drink when thirsty, you might be already behind your fluid consumption, rising the possibilities of warmth exhaustion. Try to drink at the least 20% greater than your regular consumption to make up for fluids misplaced via sweat.

2 – Food for thought – What snacks are probably the most hydrating?

Eating is usually a battle throughout a heatwave because the physique craves fluids greater than something in these circumstances, however there are many choices to complement this want for water. Fruits akin to melon and nectarines are really helpful, in addition to leafy greens akin to spinach, and to the shock of many, spicy meals might be useful!

3 – Take frequent breaks to hydrate throughout train

Sports drinks are useful to assist your physique gas and rehydrate within the warmth as a result of added electrolytes and minerals they supply – particularly in coaching or intense train which lasts greater than an hour. Typically, attempt to maintain your exercise to a minimal through the daytime and as an alternative prepare early within the morning or within the night.

4 – Avoid these drinks

Tea, espresso, alcohol, and drinks excessive in sugar can all pose well being dangers throughout a heatwave, so you will need to consider carefully about how a lot you might be ingesting. Alcohol and caffeine act as “diuretics” – substances that enhance the manufacturing of urine, therefore inflicting dehydration.

5 – Check your wee

A transparent indication of dehydration is the color of your urine. When hydrated, it ought to seem like clear-light yellow, however with a scarcity of fluids on board, it could actually change into a lot darker and powerful smelling. Going to the bathroom fewer than 4 occasions a day in a heatwave can also be an indication of dehydration. If these indicators are bothering you, then you should definitely begin ingesting extra.